Swimming Pools in France

Swimming poolWelcome to our comprehensive guide to swimming pools in France.

When you picture your dream home in sunny France, a swimming pool is high up on the list of must-haves. But a swimming pool doesn’t need to limit your search for a property. As long as you have the space, here’s the information you need to choose, install, and maintain your swimming pool in France, plus the pertinent information on safety and insurance regulations in effect..

Swimming Pool Information

Important information on swimming pools in France, including law and practicality.

Keep Your Pool Clean

A concise how-to on keeping your pool clean and usable during different times of the year.

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Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Preparing your pool for the winter is an essential task that will keep the pool and equipment in good condition ready for quickly re-opening the pool in the spring. Here is a guide to the procedure that should be followed…

Choosing a pool in France

There is an unbelievable choice of swimming pools available nowadays. Here, Chris Harrison of Piscine-Plus runs through how they differ in terms of price, space, number of pool users, filter type, sanitation and security.

Pool Hygiene in France

This article endeavours to explain the process of how to balance the water of domestic swimming pools and spas. This is by no means a complete bible of pool care but will hopefully remove some of the myths and clarify the basics.

Some Fresh Alternatives to Chlorine for Your Pool

I expect everyone will have experienced the strong smell, dry skin, red and stinging eyes you get after visiting public baths, so it’s no surprise that many people who own or are considering a swimming pool for the first time will look for an alternative sanitiser to chlorine.