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brexit what happens next

Brexit: What will change after January 31st?

Barring a late-stage plot twist it seems exceeding likely that the UK and the EU will part ways on January 31st, following three years of discussion, dispute and ill-feeling on all sides. With the Withdrawal Agreement finally signed off, is

dollar currency update

Impeachment Procedures Continue – Dollar Update

The dollar took third place for the week behind Japan’s yen and Britain’s pound It lost half a cent to sterling and picked up seven eighths of a cent against the euro. Compared with the other majors it is on

Do I need to worry about flu in France?

You may have heard rumblings about an outbreak of flu and gastroenteritis in France. What’s happening, and should you and your family be concerned? Is there a flu epidemic in France? In December 2019 the French public health authority issued

Own a Luxury Apartment in the French Alps

MGM, the leading alpine property developer, had a brilliant year. Not only did they launch numerous new developments, but they tripled their year-on-year UK sales figures, with Brits snapping up apartments in droves. Seven new developments are due to launch

Which new French words should I know about in 2020?

Every year new words and phrases are added to modern languages, often starting as slang and portmanteaux until they are formally adopted into the lexicon. For purists this can cause no end of hand-wringing and angst, but for more progressive

French Weekly News: Strikes in January and Noisy Frogs

Hanukkah has started and Christmas is nearly here. We’re bringing you the past week’s news in France, ahead of the season’s festivities! Politics The pension reform strikes are far from over, with many unions threatening to continue their protests into

Pension Drawdown for the over 55s

If you have a UK Pension and you are over the age of 55 it may have occurred to you that you can access your pension for a lump sum and or income, be it to buy a holiday home

News Weekly: Could the strikes still cause problems for you?

Last week’s news in France was, predictably, dominated by the promised strike action. We’re running through what happened when the unions took to the streets, plus the other French news stories you may have missed. Politics President Emmanuel Macron and his

Meet the FrenchEntrée Property Team

FrenchEntrée is not just one of the best online French property databases, there’s a dedicated team that can assist you throughout your search and can answer any question you might have about buying a property in France.

French News Weekly: Nuns, Strikes and Panda Escapes

The past week has been busy for France. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you catch up with the latest French news in quick-and-easy chunks! Politics The strike planned for 5th December is growing in size, as new organisations pin

expat finances

The Complexity of Expat Finances

One of the biggest challenges that expatriates face when moving to and living in France is the complexity of expat finances and this can be especially true in France with the complex inheritance and tax rules. Add to this problems

France’s Regions at a Glance

France is a vast and diverse country. All the different regions of France have different landscapes, property types, speciality food and character features.This is where your search begins… HAUTS-DE-FRANCE At the country’s northernmost tip, Hauts-de-France is the new region created

granparents tax reforms

Could France be reforming inheritance and gift taxation?

A proposed law aims to modify inheritance tax rates to encourage the French to transfer their assets. Several senators have introduced a bill to reform the taxation of inheritances and gifts/donations. According to these elected officials, the transmission of assets

French News Weekly: Earthquake Hits France

We’re taking our weekly look at the French headlines. What happened in France over the last seven days? We’ve got all the latest scoops, from yesterday’s earthquake to the MPs demanding the right to urinate in peace… Political and Legal

how can i get a proxy vote?

How can I set up a proxy vote from France?

If you’re living in France, or plan to be there during the general election in December, you have two options for voting: by postal vote or by proxy vote. Concerns over unreliable postal systems have resulted in people being urged

brexit prepare money finance

Brexit and Your Money: Preparation is Key

There are many things that are happening at the moment globally that we have little or no control over and we have to deal with the consequences of other people’s and politicians’ decisions. Whatever your opinion on Brexit and whatever

French News Digest: Paris Police HQ Attacks and more

American political upheaval has dominated global headlines for the past week, with impeachment proceedings against President Trump becoming increasingly heated, and the president himself taking to Twitter with a series of bizarre tweets about Turkey. Meanwhile in France… Politics The

How to Find a Good Builder in Brittany

If you own property in Brittany, it is likely that you will undertake some building or renovation work on it at some point, and that you will need some advice or the help of a professional to get it right. From new builds to restorations, there are…

French News Digest: France Says Adieu to Jacques Chirac

For our US and UK readers, last week had some shocking events which could dramatically change the political landscapes for the United States and Great Britain. Between Prime Minister Boris Johnson losing his Supreme Court battle and impeachment proceedings against

French News Digest: Panthers, Pedalos and Protests

Today has had some shocking developments for the UK, with the prorogation of parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson being declared unlawful. These shockwaves could determine the outcome of Brexit. That said, we’re taking a look a tiny bit further

Exclusive New Properties from AEI Promotion

Driven by family values since its creation in 2001, AEI Promotion consider quality buildings to be their specialty AEI Promotion is dedicated to creating unique, high-quality properties. Special care is given to every project: primary residences, secondary residences or rental

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Ordering steak in France

In the mood for a juicy steak frites? How to request the ‘doneness’ of a steak in French.

Are you getting the right financial advice?

We spoke to Brian Furzer of Spectrum IFA about the pension advice you cannot do without. If you are in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and need expert guidance you need look no further.  Brexit! Where will it lead to? Unsurprisingly, I can offer no crystal

French News Digest: Film Festivals and Poppy Protests

While Brexit still dominates the headlines in the UK and abroad, there is far more to talk about in the French headlines! Today we’re taking a look at some of the top French news stories. Politics The French government has

French News Digest: Shark Panic and a War of Words

  Following the G7 summit in Biarritz we are seeing France in international headlines this week. We also have sharks off the coast of Gironde and a bungled boozy burglary in our news at a glance! Politics The G7 summit