Foreign Office Urges Brits to Return Home Now

Foreign Office Urges Brits to Return Home Now

We would like to share this message from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office announced on 23 March that all UK nationals travelling in France should return to the UK without delay, whilst commercial options are still available.

We now strongly recommend that if you live in the UK and are currently in France, whether working, on holiday, or travelling, you should return now, where and while there are still commercial routes available.

International travel is already very limited, and severely restricted. Channel-crossing options continue to reduce further as tighter restrictions on movement continue to be introduced. UK nationals who elect to stay should be aware that options to return in the future may be extremely limited, given the unprecedented conditions that we face. We anticipate that this situation is likely to endure for some considerable time. 

British travellers should contact their tour operator or transport provider now to arrange their early return to the UK, and should regularly check FCO travel advice to ensure they receive the latest updates.

Please note, this new announcement does not relate to UK nationals living in France. They should continue to follow French government guidance.

For enquiries, please email this address with [email protected] included.

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