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Limousin potato pate

Traditionally this was made with leftover bread dough and was cooked in the bread oven, with a simple garnish on the potatoes of chopped garlic, flat-leaved parsley and fatty bacon.

French Walnut Oil

One of the Périgord region’s finest gastronomic products is undoubtedly the glorious walnut oil. Its deep and divine scent and flavours do miraculous things to ripe tomatoes, salads, cold meats, charcuterie and vegetables. Having been tempted up a steep track by…

Ordering in your local Dordogne café

There’s a café terrace in the sun, just inviting you to sit down. But how do you order the coffee you want? Now we’re used to ordering a latte… but Starbucks hasn’t exactly made inroads into rural France. Here’s a guide to the local terminology…

Eating Out in Dieppe

Fancy dining out in Dieppe? Rob Silverstone, author of best-selling novel A Mule in Rouen tells us about some of his favourite eateries in Dieppe’s ‘Le Pollet’ district – guaranteed to tickle your taste buds….

A Favorite Recipe for Mussles

When I head for Les Halles without a specific menu in mind, I often find I am influenced by the weather outside. This morning it was very overcast in Avignon, so when I went past my fishmonger, the tiny little moules looked just perfect. And at 4,80E/kilo, the price was right …

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Classic French moelleux au chocolat

We’re always in the mood for chocolate! Florence Derrick recommends a decadent moelleux au chocolat for any occasion – a melt-in-the-middle dessert lover’s dream…

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Breton Gastronomy

“Breton food & drink”Combining aspects of “Armor” the landscape of the sea and “Argoat” the landscape of woodlands, Breton gastronomy has over the years benefited from all the riches offered by the natural …