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Seasonal Special – Christmas Goose Breast

Sooner or later in France, everyone encounters ‘magret de canard’, or duck breast. These fantastic and juicy alternatives to steak come from the foie gras birds, and are available year-round. But goose magrets are usually only produced at this time of year, so get your orders in now for this very seasonal treat…

Taste of the Terroir – Corsica

  With its culinary traditions and proud local heritage, few French places stake a claim to the importance of terroir quite like Corsica, the “Île de Beauté” in the Mediterranean. Justin Postlethwaite makes his selection of the best food and

Fromage de la Trappe

We drove round the lane, up to the Trappist community of nuns, Notre Dame de Bonne Espérance (Our Lady of Good Hope). We had come to find out about the cheese which is made here. Both ‘au naturel’ and walnut-flavoured, the famous ‘Trappe Échourgnac’ cheese is sold in shops, supermarkets and on stalls, throughout the local area and beyond. On entering the clean, warm, modern shop, we were surprised by the…

Recipes from the Garden

Image not found.Green Tomato Jam. Put tomatoes into boiling water for a few seconds to make them easier to peel. Peel them, cut them into quarters and…

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Kouign-aman: a buttery indulgence from Brittany

A traditional pastry from Douarnenez, Brittany, a Kouign-amann means butter cake and is made from risen dough, but using the same method as for flaky pastry… a little effort for a tasty reward.

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Veau de l’Aveyron

The Aveyron is the No.1 producer of meat in the south of France and is particularly renowned for the quality of it’s meat, the Label Rouge guarantees the superior quality. In the Aveyron, and especially in Segala, the veal farmers adhere to this label and look after their calves as well as on any other animal farm.