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French Flavour of the Month

Check out our series of delicious recipes using a seasonal star ingredient, including recipes using pigeon, bass, lamb, cherries, cognac, quince and courgettes.

A classic French dessert: Tarte au citron

First popularised by the Roux brothers in the 1960s, this refreshing dessert is now considered a delicious French classic. We looks at the different versions available around France and put three shop-bought versions through their paces…

Loire chicken in Parma ham

This dish is a lovely winter warmer and extremely easy and quick to prepare.
As a summer dish, the addition of a crisp green salad would be an ideal accompaniment.

Herbes de Provence

One would be hard pressed to find a kitchen in Provence that did not have a stash of Herbes de Provence by the stove. Native to Provence, this mixture of aromatic plants contain rosemary, marjoram, basil, savory and thyme. Many of these plants grow so abundantly in Provence …

Growing Olives in the South of France

“What struck me immediately on my first visit to Languedoc was the common nature of olive trees – they grow in gardens, they grow on pavements, they grow in front of supermarkets, they grow in the middle of roundabouts. So, I ask myself, how do they get from tree to table? And can I pick the olives in my own garden?…”

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Photo by Marc Lagneau via flickr

Roasting chestnuts in the Limousin

Roasting chestnuts is one of those rituals that bring back wonderfull childhood memories. Cook some just before going for a walk through the autumn leaves to keep your hands warm or enjoy them by the fireside with a glass of wine.

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Tarte aux noix Photo by Ly L

Walnut tart from Quercy

If you happen to be in the Quercy in late autumn, after the vendage but before the cold weather sets in, this is the recipe you will need. There are many, many versions of tarte aux noix, and this is a tried and regularly tested favourite…

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