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French Favourite; Crumble!

“A ‘poire crumble'” Anyone with experience of the French opinion on British culinary savoir-faire, will be surprised to learn that a book devoted to the very British desert, crumble, has enjoyed huge sales in France. ‘Crumble’, by Camille Le Foll, is a French book containing…

Fromage de la Trappe

We drove round the lane, up to the Trappist community of nuns, Notre Dame de Bonne Espérance (Our Lady of Good Hope). We had come to find out about the cheese which is made here. Both ‘au naturel’ and walnut-flavoured, the famous ‘Trappe Échourgnac’ cheese is sold in shops, supermarkets and on stalls, throughout the local area and beyond. On entering the clean, warm, modern shop, we were surprised by the…

Taste of the Terroir – Mayenne

This rural department of Pays de la Loire is characterised by wide open fields providing ample room for cattle to graze. Some poor cows live indoors all year round. Not here, where the beef is top notch   In this

John Dory Normande

from Philippe Mouchel This recipe from renowned Melbourne chef Philippe Mouchel is an ode to his home of Normandy, featuring a medley of seafood, the best butter and cream, and apple cider, which Philippe describes as ‘Normandy champagne’. Philippe starts

Pork Loin with Wild Ceps

Autumn is the perfect time for this delicious recipe, cèpes abound in the countryside and there are always plenty of enterprising locals in the markets who’ve taken the back break out of the endeavour for you! Autumn is also the time for inexpensive pork…

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Serves 8 Preparation and cooking time: 30-40 minutes INGREDIENTS: 80-100 large snails (10-12 per person) 300g (10½oz) parsley 20g (¾oz) tarragon 500g (1lb) butter 7g (¼oz) salt 4g (1/8oz) pepper ½ tsp mixed spice 30g (1oz) garlic, finely chopped 30g

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La Galette des Rois

This galette is made especially for the Ephiphany to celebrate the arrival of the Magi. The custom is to hide a little charm or fève within, and the lucky guest who finds it is crowned King or Queen.

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Taste of the terroir – Franche-Comté

This mostly rural, relatively little-explored region abutting Switzerland is best known for its cheese and charcuterie yet boasts a unique of variety of wine dating back to the Romans. Florence Derrick investigates…   One of France’s most underrated regions, Franche-Comté