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Stuffed Quercy Pigeons

There are many versions of this Quercy staple. One can stuff the birds merely with the chopped liver, breadcrumbs and perhaps a little leftover Toulouse sausage, the way a frugal countrywoman would.

Goats’ Cheese of Languedoc, South of France

“Pélou goats cheese”After sampling some extremely good goats’ cheese one day at one of the local fairs where you find tempting examples of locally made honey, jams, olive oils and more, I decided to investigate into how the cheese is made. The producer, or ‘fromagerie’ I discovered, is situated between Alès and Nîmes, and receives his milk from farms in the Cévennes.

Free-Range French Pork

France: “…the country where the pig is most valued” – Jane Grigson, Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery.

If you enjoy the food of France, it is likely that you have shopped in the fantastic butchers and charcutiers here. I am frequently in an uncomfortable position, in that I have to try all sorts of delicious charcuterie for professional reasons. This is uncomfortable because…

Recommended Reading

In this section you will find suggestions for helpful books on cooking and food in France.

Current recommendation:
‘The A – Z of French Food’, Scribo Editions.

This unusual, almost quaint glossary is an indispensable handbook for anyone who is not totally fluent in French. There is always something on the menu which…

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French tips on pâté de campagne

The French are masters of using cheap cuts of meat which would otherwise be wasted. A traditional pâté de campagne needs good pork meat, fat and liver, and should be well seasoned with good sea salt and black pepper. Use any rough

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Moules Marinière

This is the Charentaise take on a traditional seafood favourite, that typically French mussel recipe of moules marinière with a dash of Pineau.

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Canelés de Bordeaux

  When I lived in Paris, canelés were a little treat that I bought regularly at my local pâtisserie. I always enjoyed them with coffee, and I knew they came from Bordeaux but otherwise had not given them much thought.

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A Traditional Christmas in Provence

In Provence, on Christmas Eve the family gathers for the traditional Christmas meal known as le Gros Souper (the big supper). This meal begins with seven meatless dishes, ending with the ritual number of 13 desserts…