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Perfect Winter Cheese

The ring of spruce casing that keeps the cheese together infuses a woody flavour. Try the baked version of this winter favorite.

Training your Dog to find Truffles

“truffle dog at Uzès market”This year it was my pleasure to attend my first truffle market in the Languedoc. Mingling among serious culinary connoisseurs searching for the best truffle at prices of 700 euros per kg, it was plain to see that a special breed of person is attracted to these events. Many sporting leather hats, the type worn by local horsemen, it was down to serious money making as the stalls under the mediaeval arches of Uzes town centre buzzed, customers seeking out the best deal and the best quality dealer.

Camargue Rice

“Camargue red rice”Rice might seem a pretty ordinary food, an item we take for granted. It goes with our curry or risotto, it is more of an add-on than a feature ingredient. But the majority of rice consumed in France is grown right here in the south of France, in the Delta of the Rhône valley. And not just any rice, but many varieties, including the gourmet red rice used by the best chefs. This has a great colour, fantastic texture and nutty flavour.

Raspberry Soufflé

  Once mastered, this beautifully light dessert with intense raspberry flavour will be in your repertoire of special dinners for years to come. You might even feel like investing in individual copper pots that are the perfect size for soufflés,

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Ham & Olive Bread, a French apéritif favourite

This is a quick and simple recipe for a french savoury ‘cake au jambon et aux olives’ or ham and olive bread. Very popular for snacks, picnics or informal apéritifs … just cut it up and serve!

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Taste of the Terroir – Mayenne

This rural department of Pays de la Loire is characterised by wide open fields providing ample room for cattle to graze. Some poor cows live indoors all year round. Not here, where the beef is top notch   In this