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French Wine Guide

Wine is one of the joys of France. But unlike New World wine that is labelled according to grape, the French system is a complicated mix of regions, appellations and even chateaux. So how to tell what you are buying? Seasoned wine writer, David Best, explains all

Lauren Booth Comes to Lunch

Lauren Booth, journalist and broadcaster, came over for lunch yesterday. She wanted to show her daughters the chickens, and to get Perry and my feelings on our life in France, for her twice-monthly column in the Mail on Sunday.

Lauren is a dynamic and plucky writer, who recently…

French Flavour of the Month

Check out our series of delicious recipes using a seasonal star ingredient, including recipes using pigeon, bass, lamb, cherries, cognac, quince and courgettes.

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Photo by Marc Lagneau via flickr

Roasting chestnuts in the Limousin

Roasting chestnuts is one of those rituals that bring back wonderfull childhood memories. Cook some just before going for a walk through the autumn leaves to keep your hands warm or enjoy them by the fireside with a glass of wine.

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Tagines – the north African connection

Through the historic connections between France and Morocco, they are now very popular here. A tagine is a spicy, flavourful and exotic dish that is easy to make and reveals the cultural connections between France and Morocco.

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Breton Gastronomy

“Breton food & drink”Combining aspects of “Armor” the landscape of the sea and “Argoat” the landscape of woodlands, Breton gastronomy has over the years benefited from all the riches offered by the natural …