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Taste of the Terroir: Alsace

Every region of France has a unique personality and Alsace is no different: more pork is consumed here than anywhere else in the country, fried carp and chips is the norm and its speciality foods have a distinctly German flavour.

Typical dishes of Normandy

So what are the local specialities of Normandy? And what’s actually in them? We demystify those untranslatable dishes and change your menu nightmare in to menu heaven!


A la Normande / Vallée d’Auge

Omelette – à la Mère Poulard

Joue de Bœuf

Andouille de Vire

Agneau de pré-salé

Tripes à la mode de Caen

The food and drink of Franche-Comté

The region is well-known for its Comté cheese and ‘yellow wine’, but other local specialities like smoked ham and cherry jam help make any trip to Franche-Comté a real voyage of gastronomic discovery.

Specialities & delicacies of the Languedoc Roussillon

The passionate region of the Languedoc Roussillon delights in its strong culinary traditions, attributed to the unique and diverse blend of its multi-cultural peoples. From hearty Cassoulet stews to traditional Spanish paella, there is a rich mix of cuisine to suit every palate – made sweeter by the excellent local produce! “Languedoc Specilaities & Recipes”

Scallops with crème fraîche and leeks

Once considered la nourritue des pauvres – ‘poor man’s food’, scallops with their bright orange roes and decorative shells, abundant in Normandy and in season now, provide for a delicate and impressive alternative Christmas meal…

Free Food Now!

Find out what’s free in the French countryside right now. Forage for fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, leaves, herbs, flowers and even water creatures…

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Notes on a French classic: Crème Brûlée

This French classic is so adored the world over that other nations even claim it as their own. Florence Derrick investigates, tasting more than her fair share of the delicious dessert on her way! But how do the supermarket crème brûlées compare?

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Specialities from Picardy

Sandwiched between Normandy and Champagne-Ardenne, the Picardy region of France is home to some delicious dairy products and can sell its fizz as authentic champagne.