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“Chouchen”Chouchen is an alcoholic drink popular in Brittany. It is made from the fermentation of honey in water. It is comparable to mead…

Notes on a French classic: Crème Brûlée

This French classic is so adored the world over that other nations even claim it as their own. Florence Derrick investigates, tasting more than her fair share of the delicious dessert on her way! But how do the supermarket crème brûlées compare?

Introducing Normande cuisine

As can be expected of a region boasting both an extensive coastline and a fertile interior, the range of produce on offer in Normandy is varied and rich and Norman cooking is one of the grand cuisines of France. The extensive coastline provides an abundance of fresh seafood, the lush green pastures of the Normandy countryside is ideal grazing for dairy herds and cattle and the apple orchards give delicious fruit that is used to make a variety of ciders and Calvados. It is not therefore surprising that Normandy cuisine has a distinct identity with its own favourite ingredients: apples, cider, cream and butter…

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French tips on pâté de campagne

The French are masters of using cheap cuts of meat which would otherwise be wasted. A traditional pâté de campagne needs good pork meat, fat and liver, and should be well seasoned with good sea salt and black pepper. Use any rough

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A Tale of Two towns – Deauville & Trouville

  There is more than a bridge linking Deauville with Trouville.  Both villages on Normandy’s lovely Côte Fleurie have a casino, a beach boardwalk and a film festival…   Given its small size and a population of just 4,000, Deauville