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Journées de l’Olive – Annual Olive Festival in Nimes

Over three days in May Nimes becomes the Mediterranean focal point for olives. In 2004 15,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors made the event the largest olive-centred market in France. This is an event not to be missed by gourmands everywhere!
“Nimes Olive Festival”

Use Your Loaf

“The French Baguette”The baguette is a long thin, crusty loaf, the name of which is derived from ‘baguette magique’, the French for magic wand. A good baguette should have a crisp, golden brown crust that will break if you push it inwards. The interior crumb (or ‘mie’ in French) should be a creamy colour …

Loire chicken in Parma ham

This dish is a lovely winter warmer and extremely easy and quick to prepare.
As a summer dish, the addition of a crisp green salad would be an ideal accompaniment.

Eating and Cooking in Limousin- Garlic

In a new series of features, we will be looking at some of the ingredients popular in traditional cooking in the Limousin and SW France in general. One of the foodstuffs most often associated with France is the humble garlic bulb or ‘ail’ so this is where we will start.

Cookery Courses In France

Masterchef finalist, Jim Fisher, took his cutting-edge skills and enviable cheffing experience (such as cheffing for Rick Stein) to the rural Dordogne, where, with the help of his wife, Lucy, he has established a thriving cookery holiday business amongst their beautiful stone farm buildings at Bombel. Jim and Lucy invited me to join them and their guests for a week, so that I could find out exactly how the holidays work.

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Cook Like a Masterchef

Want to cook like a Michelin-starred genius of cuisine? Now you can, with these fabulous yet eminently do-able recipes from some of the country’s most esteemed chefs. As the French say, “bon courage et bon appétit!” Wild duck with girolle

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Trish’s omelette

with cherry tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and marigold petals   The word ‘omelette’ comes originally from the French word lamelle, meaning ‘thin strip’ because of its fl at shape, and gradually changed via alumette and then amelette. However, although omelettes are

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Photo: Véronique PAGNIER

A Traditional Christmas in Provence

In Provence, on Christmas Eve the family gathers for the traditional Christmas meal known as le Gros Souper (the big supper). This meal begins with seven meatless dishes, ending with the ritual number of 13 desserts…