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Provençal Cuisine

Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the world, and Provençal cooking is naturally tasty and flavorsome due to the sun-kissed produce that is readily available in this region. Vegetables, sardines, anchovies, meat casseroles, ratatouille and pesto …

Mille Feuille with Truffle Mousse from Maison Gayda

Chef Pascal Ledroit creates classy gourmet dishes in the upper floor “Maison Gayda restaurant” at the Domaine Gayda winery south of Carcassonne, using local and organic produce grown in the same soils as the Gayda wines that are served with the food. Here he shares one of his speciality dessert recipes, “Mille Feuille with Truffle Mousse”, for you to recreate at home.

Reign of terroir

With growing concern over how far our food travels and the damage this does to the environment, Dominic Bliss heads over to Picardy to see if the French, with their unrivalled love of fine food, are buying into a local, organic lifestyle.

Les Halles de Narbonne

Wandering round Narbonne’s famous indoor food market, your senses are hit with myriad pleasures: the opulent and heady aromas of freshly ground coffee, the homely waft of croissants in the oven, the buzz of morning banter…

Foie gras explained

A look at the different French foie gras products. Being unused to this product in the UK, the various forms of foie gras can be confusing at first.

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