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Specialities from Vichy

Take a trip to the thermal spa town in Auvergne and you’ll find a lots of local delicacies on the menu. Here’s our at a glance guide to what to eat and drink in Vichy, whether you are on a health kick or need to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Breton Galette

“Breton Galette”Mix the flour with the salt, eggs, cold water and melted butter. Let it rest for 2 hours. Bake the crepes…

Tarte Aux Pommes Recipe from the Languedoc

The reinette apple is an apple grown widely in the Languedoc Cévennes and is ripe at the beginning of winter. It is good for eating fresh as well for cooking. If you ask anyone who lives in the Languedoc how to make an apple tart, you will get many different versions, this is one we like.
“Tarte aux Pommes”

Burgundy Chablis ham!

No doubt you enjoy sipping Chablis in the Burgundy son but why not accompany your glass with this very simple and delicious dish…

Free-Range French Pork

France: “…the country where the pig is most valued” – Jane Grigson, Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery.

If you enjoy the food of France, it is likely that you have shopped in the fantastic butchers and charcutiers here. I am frequently in an uncomfortable position, in that I have to try all sorts of delicious charcuterie for professional reasons. This is uncomfortable because…

Food and Drink in the Dordogne

Much has been written about great food and wine in France and specifically from the Dordogne. This region is famous for rich cuisine unique to the area. Think of exotic truffles, smooth foie gras, and aromatic walnut oil and you will think of the Dordogne…

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Succulent scallops cooked in the Loire

You can find a mouthwatering selection of seafood throughout the Pays de la Loire.
Two of the finest chefs in the region share their recipe for a dish ideal as either a starter or a special lunch treat. Enjoy.

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Photo by Arria Belli

Tarte à la rhubarbe

With the rhubarb season well under way, tempt your taste buds with this delicious recipe for Tarte à la rhubarbe with a Norman twist… Calva and crème fraîche!

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Taste of the Terroir – Marennes Oléron

Situated off the west coast of France, the island of Oléron is accessible via Marennes in mainland Charente-Maritime. Not surprisingly, seafood is the main culinary delight found in this beautiful outpost on the Atlantic, but that’s certainly not all…