Healthcare in France

Doctor in FranceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to the French Healthcare System. Here, you can find answers to your questions about health cover in France, accessing l'Assurance Maladie, getting your carte vitale, the S1 form, or your rights in early retirement, plus useful tips and vocabulary.

An Introduction to French Healthcare

New to healthcare in France? Read our introductory guide covering important aspects of the French healthcare system, including the S1 form, state healthcare, your médicin traitant, the Tarif de Conventiondépassements, and complementary health insurance.

FrenchEntrée teamed up with Exclusive Healthcare to bring you all the important FAQs on health insurance in France. We also have a directory of insurance providers and can help you compare quotes from leading private health insurers.

French Health Insurance

Find out more information about health cover in France with a few key articles.

Retirees in France

Retiring in France? find out what your rights are and the healthcare you are entitled to.

Going to the Doctor's

Need help and advice when going to the doctors in France? Check out some of our latest updates.

Further information

If you can't find the healthcare information you're looking for please see our articles below.


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Do I need to worry about flu in France?

You may have heard rumblings about an outbreak of flu and gastroenteritis in France. What’s happening, and should you and your family be concerned? Is there a flu epidemic in France? In December 2019 the French public health authority issued

Brexit - healthcare

Healthcare in France after Brexit

The conditions of access to healthcare in France after Brexit is a make-or-break issue for many, particularly retirees, in determining whether or not they continue to live in France. [Originally posted in July 2016, updated 23 October 2019] Expats who

Healthcare Changes in France

In 2016, France introduced the Protection Universal Maladie healthcare system, PUMa for short. The goal of the new structure is to improve interaction between the different healthcare entities and streamline procedures. One of the entities that was discontinued was the former

attorney signing documents

Protecting Your Future: Losing Mental Capacity Whilst Abroad

Stone King’s Charlotte Macdonald, a specialist solicitor in the international department tackles the minefield of diminished mental capacity when living in France. Many people think of a loss of mental capacity as being a gradual process, usually associated with age-related

Healthcare in France: the Basics

France has a very high standard of healthcare and is frequently voted at the top of the world’s best systems. Healthcare in France is based on a dual system, comprising the state health insurance, l’Assurance Maladie, and a private insurance ‘top up’ which is provided by private companies and mutual bodies.

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Doctors’ fees to rise in 2017

After five months of discussions the Assurance Maladie invited representatives of the unions “CSMF”, “FMF”, the “SML” (generalists and specialists), “MG France” (general) and the “Bloc” (surgeons, anesthetists and obstetricians) for a final negotiation session regarding a new five-year agreement