Healthcare in France

Doctor in FranceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to the French Healthcare System. Here, you can find answers to your questions about health cover in France, accessing l'Assurance Maladie, getting your carte vitale, the S1 form, or your rights in early retirement, plus useful tips and vocabulary.

An Introduction to French Healthcare

New to healthcare in France? Read our introductory guide covering important aspects of the French healthcare system, including the S1 form, state healthcare, your médicin traitant, the Tarif de Conventiondépassements, and complementary health insurance.

FrenchEntrée teamed up with Exclusive Healthcare to bring you all the important FAQs on health insurance in France. We also have a directory of insurance providers and can help you compare quotes from leading private health insurers.

French Health Insurance

Find out more information about health cover in France with a few key articles.

Retirees in France

Retiring in France? find out what your rights are and the healthcare you are entitled to.

Going to the Doctor's

Need help and advice when going to the doctors in France? Check out some of our latest updates.

Further information

If you can't find the healthcare information you're looking for please see our articles below.


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British expats resident in France before January 1st, 2021, have their rights protected under the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. But what does that mean with regards to healthcare? Do you need to apply for a Carte Vitale? Are

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Why should I consider expat insurance in France?

First things first, the French social security system is considered as one of the best in the world. Since January 2016, everybody working or living in France regularly and stably is entitled to social security coverage. If you work in

a stethoscope on a pile of euro bills, depicting the health care industry concept

Doctors’ Fees in France

Here is a brief summary of the main fees you will be expected to pay during your visit to the doctor in France, and the applicable reimbursements from the health insurance system and your top-up insurance.