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engineering and architecture drawings

Calculating habitable space

Surfaces de plancher and Emprise de Sol are the new ways of working out habitable space and footprint. As for…

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Romantic old  French house with white roses

Buying a property to renovate in France

Many of the properties for sale come with that key caveat.. they ‘need work’. Our topic host shares tips for buying a property to renovate in France.

engineering and architecture drawings

Calculating habitable space

Surfaces de plancher and Emprise de Sol are the new ways of working out habitable space and footprint. As for the wider implications, well it could save you a tidy sum.

Artisan builder article size

A guide to hiring an artisan

All you need to know to you find the artisan who will help you realise your dream in France – rather than wreck it. These pointers are meant to help both renovators and artisans make sure that the experience is a productive and enjoyable one.

Tread carefully

Property purchase: boundary and easement provisions

When purchasing property in France, the transfer deed prepared by the notaire will often specify that in the event of any error in the description of any easements affecting the property, the purchaser has no right of recourse against the vendor.

Completed extension and covered terrace awaiting landscaping

Brittany home renovations

For many who decide to purchase a property in France their preference is to find an older property that needs work either to renovate and/or extend it. Planning laws and regulations in France can seem daunting, and this is where

Studio 74

International Kitchen Suppliers in France

We design and supply high concept, modern, classic and country style kitchens and room settings throughout the UK. We specialize in helping discerning international clients achieve their dream kitchen in France, Switzerland and other parts of the world. Studio74 now

©Warmup France wood stoves

Wood Stoves France

Steve has 30 years of experience in the heating trade as a heating engineer and shares 3 top tips to buy the right wood stove for your French home.

Woodwarm Stoves ad via Pete

Wood Burners France

Whether it’s a contemporary or a more traditional look you are after – Woodwarm Stoves France supply innovation and attention to detail …

Summertime: Lemonade on ice, a light crisp salad awaits carefree banter between old friends.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home

Kitchens are about food, family and friendship, and shared meals, stories and fun. We seek to provide the perfect backdrop for these special moments. Your kitchen should be a unique space which works perfectly and enhances your quality of life.

UK Paint Depot

The Best of British Paint delivered to France

It’s amazing how many people have an issue with paint in France. Next to finding a good cup of tea there isn’t many things that have annoyed the average expat in France (well maybe a couple of others). French paint is renowned for being expensive and inferior to English paint…


How To Point Your French Stone Property

It’s not too difficult to get right but all too easy to get it wrong. Pointing a stone wall is a fairly major renovation task, but one that is not out of the reach of the competent DIY enthusiast.

Country house

Certificat d’urbanisme (CU)

If you are looking at a conversion project in France, or even a plot of land on which to build, a piece of legislation you will need to be familiar with is the certificat d’urbanisme.