Renovation in France

renovation in franceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to renovation in France. If you want to renovate your French property it can be difficult understanding the planning laws and taxes in France, as well as finding good renovation suppliers. Here you can find all the information you need when renovating your house in France, including examples of big renovation projects and advice on planning applications in France.

Please read our useful renovation articles below, but if you can't find what you're looking for you can view our full article list further down the page.

Planning Laws & Taxes

Before considering a property renovation in France you should consider the planning laws and taxes involved.

Property Renovation Advice

All the advice you need on renovating your house in France and how to deal with the construction plans for your property.

French Renovation Projects

Here are stories of real life renovation projects in France and tips on renovating your French home.

French Renovation Supplies

Here you can find suppliers that can help with your new French renovation, including kitchen, carpet and paint suppliers.

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Calculating habitable space

Surfaces de plancher and Emprise de Sol are the new ways of working out habitable space and footprint. As for the wider implications, well it could save you a tidy sum.

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A guide to hiring an artisan

All you need to know to you find the artisan who will help you realise your dream in France – rather than wreck it. These pointers are meant to help both renovators and artisans make sure that the experience is a productive and enjoyable one.

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Renovating and running a gîte in France

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International Kitchen Suppliers in France

We design and supply high concept, modern, classic and country style kitchens and room settings throughout the UK. We specialize in helping discerning international clients achieve their dream kitchen in France, Switzerland and other parts of the world. Studio74 now

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Wood Stoves France

Steve has 30 years of experience in the heating trade as a heating engineer and shares 3 top tips to buy the right wood stove for your French home.