Mortgages in France

Mortgages in France

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to French Mortgages, your complete online resource for information about mortgages in France and financing your dream property purchase.

Whether you are looking for a French mortgage to fund the purchase of your main residence or a holiday home in France, our articles will explain the different types of French mortgages, how UK mortgages differ from mortgages in France, interest rates and much more. Click here to apply for a French mortgage >>

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An Introduction to Mortgages in France

An in-depth look at the different types of French mortgages.

The different types of French Mortgages

Help with choosing the right type of French mortgage.

Latest French Mortgage Articles

Fixing the exchange rate, how it works

Buying a property in France can be an exciting venture. Deciding the region where you would like our French house to be located is one of the first and more challenging decisions to be made with 13 regions to choose

Brexit - mortgages

Mortgages in France after Brexit

You can still get a twenty year fixed rate mortgage at 2.15%. And house prices in France are still low. If your ten or fifteen year dream has been to move to France – or buy a holiday home –

Variable rate French Mortgage ©Tameek

A ‘variable rate’ French mortgage, but not as you know it

If you’ve read our recent articles or have been carrying out your own research, you’ll know that French fixed-rate mortgages are available at very low rates. However, fixed- rate mortgages tend to charge borrowers heavily if they want to make over-payments

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French Mortgage Calculator

To see how much your French mortgage will cost you, use FrenchEntrée’s mortgage calculator. Whatever your interest rate, LTV and purchase price, we can help you plan your mortgage budget with the French mortgage calculator.

Securing a French mortgage

  Certain criteria must always be met in order for a buyer when securing a French mortgage with a French lender. For example, when taking into account the future French mortgage payment, all contractual outgoings must not exceed one third