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Financing your dream property purchase in France


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Mortgages in France after Brexit

You can still get a twenty year fixed rate mortgage at 2.15%. And house prices in France are still low. If your ten or fifteen year dream has been to move to France – or buy a holiday home –


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French Mortgage Calculator

To see how much your French mortgage will cost you, use FrenchEntrée’s mortgage calculator. Whatever your interest rate, LTV and purchase price, we can help you plan your mortgage budget with the French mortgage calculator.

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French mortgage rate update

Much like in the UK, in France there are plenty of different mortgage options available for those looking to make a property purchase. The various French lenders offer unique credit facilities which nevertheless tend to fall under one of a few categories.

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Securing a French mortgage

2012 has been an eventful year for the French economy. Banks have had to contend with the financial troubles affecting the eurozone, in addition to the uncertainty caused by the country’s own presidential elections. Consequently, some mortgage applicants have found banks to be more cautious with regards to their distribution of credit for French property purchases.

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Fixed Rate French Mortgages

The economic challenges of the past few years have created uncertainty in the European financial sector. As a consequence it has become increasingly difficult to predict future patterns in Eurozone interest rate movements. The good news is that the French mortgage market is well equipped to protect borrowers against future interest rate fluctuations.


Buying property from your partner

Owning a property in France represents the realisation of a dream for countless British buyers. However, for those who have chosen to buy under joint names, the ownership of a French house can become problematic in cases of divorce or separation.

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FrenchEntrée Mortgage Services

During the buying process, there are many benefits of conducting research yourself, and other areas that are best left to the professionals. French mortgages on the other hand, cover both grounds. Read this article to find out more about the benefits of using a broker, like FrenchEntrée Mortgage Services.


Is a post-finance French mortgage for you?

Competition amongst buyers is increasing for properties as the late summer and autumn buying season gets under way and cautious buyers are starting to lose out. In France, the majority of lenders provide the option of a ‘post-finance’ mortgage. Read about the benefits…

Mortgage options

Financing a French property purchase

Global financial markets have experienced a period of turbulence in recent times and UK residents looking to invest in France should understand how recent developments may have altered the ways a French property purchase can be financed.

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Obtaining a high value French mortgage

You’ve got the money in the bank to complete the purchase in cash, but with all the focus being on finding that dream home, you haven’t had a chance to think about which is the most efficient and cost effective way of financing the purchase. Here we are going to help you look at the options available when considering the purchase of a €1 million plus property in France.

French Mortgages – Call Back Form

Who will call you? We have carefully selected a mortgage partner, International Private Finance, who specialise in mortgages for overseas properties. They can help you find a mortgage and help you throughout the process of buying your property. Call us if


Euro or Sterling Mortgage?

The currency exchange rates in the Eurozone are 4.37% against 5.5% in the UK (at the time of writing) and as a result of this, buyers are undecided about whether to take out a Euro mortgage or UK remortgage. FrenchEntrée Mortgage advisor Steve Thornton has done a comparison:

How to avoid currency risks on your mortgage payments

Image not found.Sterling has slumped to a low level against the euro, hitting Britons looking to buy homes in France. Michael Streeter asks the experts what caused the fall, whether it’s likely to recover in the near future – and how best to cope with it Find out

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Best buy tables for French Mortgages

When selecting a mortgage for a property in the UK, an individual’s first port of call will often be UK mortgage best buy tables. You can now see best buy tables for French mortgages too, here.


Leaseback Property Mortgages

Many people choose to buy a second property in France as an investment opportunity. In particular the popular holiday destinations such as the French Alps or Mediterranean coast are good locations to let out property.


Buy To Let Mortgages

Following the success of the buy-to-let as an investment idea, many people have begun to investigate the possibility of similar investments overseas, and France, being a popular holiday destination seems the perfect place.

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French Mortgages: Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the types of mortgages on offer? Or find out about the process you’ll need to go through? Or if you’re further along, maybe you need to know more about contracts and additional costs? Whatever your question, we hope to answer it here!

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French Mortgages – an Introduction

Confused about French mortgages? Do you want some help to find the best option for you? These pages are designed to give you everything you might need to help you through the process of buying your property. See our “comparison article” or “contact us” for advice. Alternatively, read on for more information regarding mortgages in France

Most people will purchase a permanent or second home in France with a mortgage. With a number of mortgage products on both the French and overseas markets, choosing the right French mortgage for your financial and personal circumstances is an important decision.

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