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French mortgage rate update

Much like in the UK, in France there are plenty of different mortgage options available for those looking to make a property purchase. The various French lenders offer unique credit facilities which nevertheless tend to fall under one of a few categories.

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Securing a French mortgage

2012 has been an eventful year for the French economy. Banks have had to contend with the financial troubles affecting the eurozone, in addition to the uncertainty caused by the country’s own presidential elections. Consequently, some mortgage applicants have found banks to be more cautious with regards to their distribution of credit for French property purchases.

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Fixed Rate French Mortgages

The economic challenges of the past few years have created uncertainty in the European financial sector. As a consequence it has become increasingly difficult to predict future patterns in Eurozone interest rate movements. The good news is that the French mortgage market is well equipped to protect borrowers against future interest rate fluctuations.


Buying property from your partner

Owning a property in France represents the realisation of a dream for countless British buyers. However, for those who have chosen to buy under joint names, the ownership of a French house can become problematic in cases of divorce or separation.

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FrenchEntrée Mortgage Services

During the buying process, there are many benefits of conducting research yourself, and other areas that are best left to the professionals. French mortgages on the other hand, cover both grounds. Read this article to find out more about the benefits of using a broker, like FrenchEntrée Mortgage Services.


Is a post-finance French mortgage for you?

Competition amongst buyers is increasing for properties as the late summer and autumn buying season gets under way and cautious buyers are starting to lose out. In France, the majority of lenders provide the option of a ‘post-finance’ mortgage. Read about the benefits…