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French Mortgage Calculator

The cost of your French mortgage will be determined by the interest rate, LTV, length of term, and purchase price. There are many variables that can affect how much you can borrow or your eligibility for a French mortgage, but the first thing you’ll probably want to know is whether you can afford it. 

Use our French mortgage calculator below for an idea of how much your mortgage will cost per month. Simply fill in the loan value, interest rate, and repayment term and we’ll tell you how much you can expect to pay each month in euros. Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with our French mortgage advisors to discuss your options.

Calculate Your Monthly Payments With Our French Mortgage Calculator



Monthly cost (repayment) :
Monthly cost (interest) :
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Ready to Apply for Your French Mortgage?

From finding the best mortgage rates to making your mortgage application—FrenchEntrée is here to guide you through the whole process. Learn all about French mortgages with our Essential Reading guides, keep up-to-date with the French mortgage market through our latest posts, then sign up to become a FrenchEntrée member for free access to our property, currency, and mortgage experts.

Once you’re ready to kick-start your French mortgage search, fill out our mortgage application form. Our independent mortgage advisors can advise you on the best options for you and put you in touch with mortgage brokers and lenders all around France.

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