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  • kane oates
    2022-06-29 06:15:53
    kane oates
    I wonder if you can help I have lived in France, since I was seven years old age ,I am now 27 years of age I have a perminanent residence card. I applied for a morgage and was waiting for the papers to sign and have now been told by the bank that they require a visa, I understand that this was not applicable to myself as I have lived here since 2003, and is not part of the withdrawel agreement, could you please inform myself exactly what is the correct information. Thank you MR Kane Oates


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-06-30 09:39:14
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Kane, If you live in France with a permanent resident card, it is normal that evidence of this would be required when taking out a mortgage. The resident card IS, in effect, your visa, so I imagine your bank are simply asking for proof of this. Best regards, Zoe


  •  Rachael Pearce
    2022-02-09 12:12:57
    Rachael Pearce
    Hello, We are looking to purchase a property in France as our main residence and may require a mortgage. The property we are looking at has a lake and a house and we are planning to run a Fishery. I have questions about how we get a mortgage if we plan to be self employed once we arrive and what is involved in the process of getting a mortgage. Would it be possible for us to set up a call to discuss please? Many thanks, Rachael


  • Eleanor Reid
    2022-02-09 10:31:45
    Eleanor Reid
    Hello, I have some questions about French mortgages, the benefits and drawbacks and how to get one


  •  Gloria Callihan
    2021-11-09 02:42:40
    Gloria Callihan
    Hello, I have been traveling in France the past two weeks visiting properties and believe I have selected one on which to put an offer. I am in Paris for the next few days and would like to meet with a bank while I’m here to discuss mortgage possibilities vs a cash offer. Would you have any recommendations for a contact or bank to start with? Many thanks, -Elisabeth


  • Alice Jutsum
    2021-10-05 01:47:05
    Alice Jutsum
    I have just bought a new house in Nice, France. I own it outright. Due to personal circumstances, I need to release equity on it. I would like to discuss the possibility of doing this.