Normandy stud season well underway

Normandy stud season well underway
Normandy is renowned for being the equestrian capital of France – no doubt then, that there is plenty of choice for the potential horse or pony breeder, and some excellent quality available. Some of you may have already had the chance to visit the Salon d’Etalon, which is traditionally held in February of each year at the National Stud. This offers an excellent chance to see many of France’s leading stallions up close, to get a better look at some of the young stallions standing at stud, both in hand and ridden on the flat or over fences, and to speak face to face with many of the leading breeders. It is a unique event in the equestrian calendar and one which for the moment, at least, has no equivalent in the UK.

The National Stud have an extensive catalogue of stallions available on line, and will send out printed catalogues at your request. Each year, L’Eperon print the sport horse and pony breeder’s bible – the Hors-série de l’élevage – which lists all the stallions standing, stud fees, promotional material, statistics in relation to rankings, cost of production etc and makes for fascinating reading. Monneron is another good source of information published by River Editions each year. You will find that once you have bred once, each year you have a wide range of catalogues popping through the letterbox each spring. Most of the larger studs have catalogues available online and will often send out DVDs on request. The website is a very helpful source of information when researching pedigrees of horses and ponies internationally.

Semen is available in a variety of forms:

En liberté – pasture breeding
Monte en main – in hand service/natural service
IA – artificial insemination
IAFInsémination Artificielle en semence Fraîche – artificial insemination with fresh semen
IAR – Insémination Artificielle en semence réfrigérée – refrigerated artificial insemination
IA réfrigérée transportée – transported refrigerated artificial insemination
IAI – Insémination Artificielle Immédiate – immediate artificial insemination

IA congelé (IAC) – frozen artificial insemination
Transfert d’embryon – embryo transfer

Other useful vocabulary :

Elevage – breeding
Eleveur – breeder
Etalon – stallion
En chaleur – in season
Haras – stud
Jument – mare
Jumeaux – twins
Origines – pedigree/breeding
Naissance – birth
Poulain – foal/colt foal
Pouliche – filly foal
Poulinage – foaling
Poulinière – broodmare
Saillie – covering
Sevrage – weaning
Souffler – teaser
Suitée – at foot (as in foal at foot)
Têter – to suckle
Vide – barren
Yearling –yearling

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