Book review: Nothing like a dream

Nothing Like A Dream Jane Jennings,, £8.99 For anyone seeking a new life in France, this engaging and very readable novel works on a couple of levels. In telling the story of one extended British family’s move to Normandy – replete with all of the attendant

Gourmet hotspots in Paris

Hidden gems have their place, but the French capital boasts many well-known names it would be wrong to ignore. Here are our top gourmet hotspots, from Café de Flore to Fauchon. Paris wouldn’t be the same without them.

Specialities from Picardy

Sandwiched between Normandy and Champagne-Ardenne, the Picardy region of France is home to some delicious dairy products and can sell its fizz as authentic champagne.

New Issue of Frenchentrée Magazine out Now!

We are delighted to announce that the new edition of FrenchEntrée Magazine is out now, and it’s as packed as ever with delightful travel, lifestyle and property features from all over France. There’s plenty of seasonal fare to enjoy, including

Poule au Pot

Henri IV of France wanted all households in his kingdom to be able to relish in this great dish every Sunday so what not try it out yourself?

Normandy stud season well underway

Normandy is renowned for being the equestrian capital of France – no doubt then, that there is plenty of choice for the potential horse or pony breeder, and some excellent quality available.

Rhone-Alpes Architects and Rhone-Alpes Suveyors

Please select a Rhone-Alpes Arhcitect or Surveyor from our list of directory search results below for surveyors and architects in the Normandy region and the departments of Ain, Ardeche, Drome, Haute Savoie, Isere, Loire, Rhone and Savoie.

Get ready for winter!

With the nights drawing in, thoughts will invariably be turning to how to help your horses survive the Normandy rain and the mud that is the unfortunate downside of being blessed with great grazing for the majority of the year. Check out our handy vocabulary to help you when shopping for those essential items to keep your horse cosy in the coming months.

Flavour of the Month

Bought a good French cook book lately? If you have, we’d really love to hear about it. Sinéad Allart from the Wilde Kitchen lets us in on her latest discovery…

Crêpes | Photo by Stu Spivackb

Normandy crêpes and galettes

When you think of Normandy, think Crêpes, Galettes and Cider. Here are some top tips for making your crêpes with a Norman twist…

gentleman with horses

Buying, Loaning or Leasing a Horse in Normandy

Buying or borrowing a horse or pony can be very rewarding and great fun. No matter what level you’re at or what sport you enjoy, you should find a huge choice in Normandy if you know where to start looking. Too much temptation…

Bringing your horse to Normandy

So you’ve found your dream home and at last you’re making the move to Normandy. But how do you transport your horse in safety and without stress? Some handy tips…

Typical dishes of Normandy

So what are the local specialities of Normandy? And what’s actually in them? We demystify those untranslatable dishes and change your menu nightmare in to menu heaven!


A la Normande / Vallée d’Auge

Omelette – à la Mère Poulard

Joue de Bœuf

Andouille de Vire

Agneau de pré-salé

Tripes à la mode de Caen

Normandy Oysters

Love them or hate them, no Christmas table in Normandy is complete without them.

Great value, great taste …….. Aphrodisiac?

Let us know what YOU think!!!

A Year in Normandy

Find out how one couple who had no intentions of buying a property abroad fell in love with a picture of a Norman-stlye cottage in an Estate Agent’s window… and ended up buying it the same day on a coup de coeur!

Remembrance Day in Normandy

As Remembrance Sunday approaches, Judy Mansfield describes how she came to be a regular participant in her local Rembrance Service in Normandy and her husband, Russ, an officially appointed porte-drapeau…

Tarte Aux Pommes Recipe from the Languedoc

The reinette apple is an apple grown widely in the Languedoc Cévennes and is ripe at the beginning of winter. It is good for eating fresh as well for cooking. If you ask anyone who lives in the Languedoc how to make an apple tart, you will get many different versions, this is one we like.
“Tarte aux Pommes”

Eiffel tower

Normandy, the 21st district of Paris?

Normandy is the countryside of Paris and second home to many a Parisien. In fact, Parisiens refer to Normandy as the 21st district of Paris! So the Brits are not the only ones interested in the region…

Moules Normandes

Thousands of kilos of mussels are eaten out in restaurants every day but how many of the seafood lovers who devour them actually eat mussels at home? Buy some fresh moules de bouchot from your local market, preferably already cleaned, try this ridiculously easy recipe for moules normandes and, I promise, you might never eat mussels out again!

Tips for choosing crème fraîche in Normandy

You wouldn’t expect to ponder over choosing a tub of crème fraîche. But in Normandy, home to a such a variety of some of the finest crème fraîche in the world, it’s worth thinking about what’s on offer before you buy… and where you buy it.

A Kir with an apple twist

Try this simple, refreshing pre-dinner drink using some of Normandy’s favourite appley ingredients…