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Sylvia is a freelance journalist based in France, focusing on business and culture. A member of the France Media editorial team, Sylvia is a regular contributor and looks after social media across our publications. 

Articles by Sylvia Edwards Davis

Brexit - Demande de carte de sjour en France

Staying on in France Post-Brexit: Permanent Residence

As British residents in France face a post-Brexit reality, we look at the impact concerning residence rights and the formalities for applying for permanent residence in France after Brexit.   Existing British residents in France will be able to continue

Buying Case Study: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Proud guesthouse owners Gail and Christian Bodiguel tell Sylvia Edwards Davis about the extensive property search that eventually brought them to L’Atelier du Renard Argenté in Vaucluse Meet The Movers Name: Gail and Christian Bodiguel Bought in: 2013 Live in:

Interiors Case Study – Back to Nature

Peter Clark and Vincent Caplier created their award-winning eco-guest house in Somme from scratch, where sustainable living is key – inside and out, says Sylvia Edwards Davis. Meet the Movers   FrenchEntée Magazine: Why did you settle on France? Peter

Affair of the Heart – Buying Case Book

When Erin Choa and Jean-Baptiste Gois clapped eyes on the Château de Bourneau, it was love at first sight. Sylvia Edwards Davis takes a tour of the romantic folly that stole the châtelains’ hearts

At Home in Deux-Sèvres

When Stephen Davies pulled up outside a rickety barn in Airvault, he knew he’d found his future home. Nearly 20 years on, he’s still living the expat dream…

Buying Case Study – Heaven in Hérault

Kay and Mark Williams did their homework when they came to buy in France, but it was when things went pear-shaped that they discovered their dream home in Hérault

Real Life Case Study – Queen of the Castle

  The first time Donna Critcher clapped eyes on Château Saint Michel, she knew she had to have it. Two years on, she has turned this old wreck into a thriving events venue…   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to

Renovation Case Study – Content in Cotentin

  Ignoring her agent’s warnings, Karin Twijnstra fell head over heels with a 16th-century château in Normandy. She tells Sylvia Edwards Davis about her decades-long bid to convert it into a cosy B&B   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to

Seeing Double in Luchon, Haute Garonne

Sylvia Edwards Davis chats to South African couple Almarie and Dan Hugo about their bold move to buy two period flats in Haute-Garonne – within the same building…   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to France? ALMARIE HUGO: We love

Small model house attached to keys as representation of buying a Property in France

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying French Property

This Guide has been written to give you a general step-by-step overview of the property buying process. Please use the references and links within this article and at the end to find more detail about stages of the process. The

French government: the senate © Bruno Bernier

How the French government works

With many different layers, French government and administration is complicated. Here’s an explanation of how it works and who is responsible for what.

What should you expect?

Renovating and decorating a house in France can be very different from what you’re used to – especially when it comes to methods and materials

Third Time Lucky: Renovating a Little Cottage in Normandy

Sylvia Edwards-Davis talks to Ani Moriarty about experiencing a coup de foudre for a little cottage in Normandy, which became a transatlantic project…   When Ani Moriarty set out after her dream, she couldn’t have known that her best-laid plans

renovation of La Chapelle a property in France

Divine Renovation: A Case Study in France

Sylvia Edwards Davis talks to James Linton to find out whether his renovation of La Chapelle was closer to heaven… or hell. James Linton helped finance a friend’s renovation, never expecting to suddenly find himself an owner. After that property

Healthcare Changes in France

In 2016, France introduced the Protection Universal Maladie healthcare system, PUMa for short. The goal of the new structure is to improve interaction between the different healthcare entities and streamline procedures. One of the entities that was discontinued was the former

Retiring To France

RETIRING TO FRANCESylvia Edwards Davis provides a rundown of the main practical issues Moving to another country can offer many very stimulating experiences, but some aspects can prove to be a little overwhelming. French paperwork falls into the second category.

Britanny property chaumiere

A property guide to Brittany

Thinking of buying a property in Brittany? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

beuvron normandy

A property guide to Normandy

Thinking of buying a property in Normandy? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, access, property styles and prices. Start your search today!

France equestrian property

A property guide to the Limousin

An increasingly popular spot for foreign buyers looking for great value, the Limousin is quite the place if you are looking for tranquil country living.

La Bastide d'Armagnac, Landes

A property guide to Gascony

Thinking of buying a property in Gascony? We’ve prepared an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

Comme une Française

Valentine’s Day in France

It’s the day to say “je t’aime”… or maybe to go out have fun with your friends or stay in with a good book by Simone de Beauvoir. Comme Une Française explains Valentine’s Day in France

Confolens in Charente

Property guide to the Charente

Thinking of buying a property in Poitou-Charentes? This article is an introductory guide to the area covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

Tartiflette with reblochon ©Kim Lightbody 2015

Say cheese! The authentic French tartiflette with reblochon

This rich potato gratin (designed to show off the mighty Reblochon) is ever popular with skiers looking for a warming, filling lunch. It makes an ideal winter dish, whether you’re on the French Alps or snuggling in front of the TV.

©Ministere de l'Interieur

New map of France reduces regions to 13

France has adopted a new map reducing the number of regions from 22 down to 13. The move is aimed to simplify bureaucracy and save costs and is not without controversy.