Doctors' fees to rise in 2017

After five months of discussions the Assurance Maladie invited representatives of the unions “CSMF”, “FMF”, the “SML” (generalists and specialists), “MG France” (general) and the “Bloc” (surgeons, anesthetists and obstetricians) for a final negotiation session regarding a new five-year agreement on doctors’ fees and working practices.

During the meeting it was agreed by the unions and the Assurance Maladie that the fee for consultation with a GP, which has been at €23.00 since 2011, be raised to €25.00 from the 1st May 2017. This supercedes the previous proposal made by the Director General of the Assurance Maladie, Nicolas Revel, who had proposed an increase of fees in two stages, one euro on 1 April 2017 and another one euro 1 December.

In reality this will not impact patients as the Assurance Maladie and mutuel repayments for doctors’ fees will also increase – the one euro charge to patients remains the same.

Fees for consultations by Specialists when referred by a GP will also rise from the current €46.00 to €50.00. The proposal that this be made in two stages – an increase by only €2.00 in July 2017 and €2.00 in October 2018 – has yet to be agreed on as several union representatives wish to consult their membership before signing the agreement.

They have until August 26 to accept an agreement, otherwise an arbitral settlement will occur.

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