Museum night at the Chateau de Versailles ©Linkol78 2011
Museum night at the Chateau de Versailles ©Linkol78 


Saturday May 20, 2017 is Museum Night in France. That means that, a little bit like in the children’s film, museums stay open all night (or until midnight at least) and offer special events to nocturnal visitors. The atmosphere is completely different than a regular visit to the museum during the day. It feels like you’re getting away with something, or revisiting the excitement of a childhood pyjama party.

On the agenda are special readings, original guided tours, unique performances and concerts, art history workshops and one-off exhibitions. Museum Night offers a memorable way of discovering permanent collections, temporary and ephemeral exhibitions.

The event highlights the role of the museum as a place of expression welcoming all the arts: music, theatre, literature, gastronomy and cinema. Events are planned all over France. Best part: it’s free!

Hours depend on each venue (usually open until midnight).

Follow the event on social media hashtag #NDM

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