Equestrian property in France -Photo by Exaim

Equestrian property in France

France is renowned as a paradise for horses and attracts many equestrian enthusiasts who buy property in the region. But keeping horses can become daunting if you don’t choose the right property.

Napoleon III Festival

Every year, Vichy dedicates a long weekend at the end of April to recreating the dress and dancing associated with Napoleon III, who transformed his favourite spa town by introducing more parks and a casino – amongst other things.

What’s on in the Midi-Pyrénées

There are all sorts of events being planned throughout the year in the Midi-Pyrénées region. Here’s our pick of the bunch, from springtime carnivals in Albi and Castres to local food festivals and major music concerts.

In the dog house!

Eleanor Fullalove meets Rick and Tracey Harwood, a couple living the good life in France. They run luxury kennels in Normandy. Here they reveal why they made the move and how they make it work for them.

Kids camp

Les Colonies De Vacances

Holiday camps for children (colonies de vacances) are not unheard of in the UK but in France they are a national institution. During the school holidays, French children aged from four up to 18 are sent away from home for several activity filled weeks.

ASHA – Helping horses and donkeys

The Association Saint Hippolyte Aquitaine (ASHA for short) is a horse charity in France named after an Italian priest who since the Middle Ages has been considered a patron saint of horses. ASHA aims to eradicate psychological problems so that horses can be re-introduced to society and fulfil a useful life as a working animal.

Horses in the Quercy

Moving house, they say, is the third most stressful thing after death and divorce, I disagree, moving one’s beloved horses to a foreign country far eclipses merely moving some sticks of furniture and a load of boxes from one house to another.
We moved from Scotland to France in October 2003, we drove out two 4×4’s pulling heavily burdened trailers…

Normandy stud season well underway

Normandy is renowned for being the equestrian capital of France – no doubt then, that there is plenty of choice for the potential horse or pony breeder, and some excellent quality available.

horse racing

A Guide to Betting on Horseracing

There are no bookmakers on French Racecourses, and all betting is done via the Pari Mutuel – the equivalent of the Tote in UK. At the hippodrome the betting is known as PMH, but if betting is for elsewhere it is PMU.

Burgundy’s parks and gardens

Looking for a breath of fresh air? French Entrée takes a stroll around the many parks and gardens available in the Yonne.

Get ready for winter!

With the nights drawing in, thoughts will invariably be turning to how to help your horses survive the Normandy rain and the mud that is the unfortunate downside of being blessed with great grazing for the majority of the year. Check out our handy vocabulary to help you when shopping for those essential items to keep your horse cosy in the coming months.

Gardening Observations for June

June has got to be the month of the rose. Everywhere you go now there are roses in full bloom, some of the most delightful peering over the tops of old stone walls. Roses are resilient plants – we know of abandoned houses that are almost ruins …

Gardening Observations for June

June has got to be the month of the rose. Everywhere you go now there are roses in full bloom, some of the most delightful peering over the tops of old stone walls. Roses are resilient plants – we know of abandoned houses that are almost ruins …

Competing and Working in Normandy

The competition circuit in France can be very different to what you are used to in the UK, but can be just as much fun and is a great way of improving your French. Here are some pointers to get you started…

Handy tips for hunting horsey suppliers in Normandy

Not without good reason is Normandy known as the sport horse capital of Europe, and it boasts an infrastructure of top class vets, blacksmiths and suppliers to support the demand. You might be spoilt for choice but where do you start looking, and how can you be sure you’re getting a good one?

gentleman with horses

Buying, Loaning or Leasing a Horse in Normandy

Buying or borrowing a horse or pony can be very rewarding and great fun. No matter what level you’re at or what sport you enjoy, you should find a huge choice in Normandy if you know where to start looking. Too much temptation…

Bringing your horse to Normandy

So you’ve found your dream home and at last you’re making the move to Normandy. But how do you transport your horse in safety and without stress? Some handy tips…

Surviving a Winter in the Auvergne

Image not found.Ellie Jones and her husband Nick moved to the Auvergne in the heart of France in search of a new life – and a place where they could keep horses. Here Ellie describes their first winter in this striking but sometimes chilly part of the country…

English to French Equine Vocabulary

A list of essential equine terminology… in French. We hope that this helps you with all your dealings in the French horse world. Let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like to know the French for and we will do our best.

Hornets – A Limousin Pest?

As Summer approaches more and more hornets are seen flying around. FrenchEntrée-Limousin decided to find out a little more about these creatures which are at the centre of so many myths. The majority of people consider hornets highly dangerous. There is quite a significant hornet population in the Limousin and myths abound such as “Seven hornet stings kill a horse, three an adult and two a child”….


Animal Rescue

Thinking of welcoming a new pet into your family? Perhaps, now that you’re living the country life, you feel that if you had a dog it would give you the excuse to go for those long walks you promised yourself you’d be taking, or perhaps you’re thinking a cat would see to the field mice.

Your holiday home garden

I apologise to Voltaire for using his famous quote from Candide! It is a phrase we often use when thinking about France and getting away from the hustle and bustle of London. Not that we don’t have a garden in London – a standard 90 footer in fact- but in Normandy we have acquired three quarters of an acre. It is popularly called in our family the Fantasy Field ….