Great Canal Journey: Luxury Barge Hotel

It was chance and a big helping of get-up-and-go that saw Caroline and Rory Macrae finally realise their dream and launch a luxury hotel barge business in Burgundy. They tell Jeannine Williamson how they did it… Caroline and Rory Macrae

Culinary specialities of Franche-Comté

This mostly rural, relatively little-explored region abutting Switzerland is best known for its cheese and charcuterie yet boasts a unique of variety of wine dating back to the Romans. Florence Derrick investigates…

The origins of Cognac

Located on the banks of the Charente, Cognac has a history as rich as its famous drink’s flavour. The area has been inhabited since the Prehistoric era and, even if their origins remain a mystery, there are still relics from

Food specialities in Centre and Val de Loire

The Loire Valley area makes up one of the largest regions in metropolitan France, birthplace of writer François Rabelais and his most famous character, Gargantua – a giant with an enormous appetite and a taste for the local fouaces… Like pitta pockets spiced with saffron (Safran du

Pia Jakobsen, Promenade du Paillon, Nice, Summer 2014

We’ve Chosen the Winner of Our Photography Competition!

We’re happy to announce that Pia Jakobsen’s photograph of children playing among water fountains at one of the French Riviera’s most popular attractions has been named the winner of our photographic competition. Pia, a software engineer and avid amateur photographer from Oslo,

The Hermione Sets Sail in Charente

On Sunday the 7th September 2014 under the scorching sun of an Indian Summer an estimated 50,000 people gathered in Rochefort on the banks of the River Charente. The long anticipated event that drew them there was the departure of


Into Darkness: Paris at War

To mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, we look back at the capital’s role. Life carried on as normal for Paris and its three million citizens, right up until the outbreak of war on 2 August 1914…

What to eat and where: Centre

Specialities like Cendré d’Olivet (a cow’s milk cheese) and Pithiviers (a sweet puff pastry pie) take their names from the places where they are produced. But did you know that the famous French tarte tatin also originated here?

Events in Centre

From Amboise and Bourges to Tours and Vierzon, the Centre boasts a wide variety of music concerts, sporting events and festivals celebrating local heritage and gastronomy – something for everyone.

Too much romance in Paris

Commitment is not always a ball and chain; in Paris it’s a padlock. On the Pont des Arts, thousands of romantic couples lock their promise to the railings of the bridge creating a dilemma for the authorities.

Tillac in Mirande

Buying Property in the Southern Gers

The southern Gers region in the Midi-Pyrénées is the France of many people’s imaginations; sunflowers and gently rolling hills, medieval bastide towns and classic French farmhouses, vineyards and typical French country restaurants, rivers and lakes, castles and historic villages all of which is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Pyrénées mountains.

Taste of the Terroir: Lorraine

There’s more to Lorraine than its famous quiche, which would struggle to contain all the smoked meats and cheeses typical in this part of France. The region’s mountains, forests and vineyards all contribute to the local gastronomy.

Bergerac wine: Behind the label

Wine expert Chris Skyrme looks at the terroir, grapes and winemaking styles that are giving Begerac’s wine an increasingly good name, from sweet Monbazillac to red Pécharmant.

Behind the label: Rhône wines

Wine expert Tom Gilbey continues his tour of French wine regions with a visit to the Rhône Valley, home to famous bottlings such as Châteauneuf and Crozes Hermitage.

French property with a dependence

Jacqueline Miller, FrenchEntrée property finder for La Rochelle and the Vendée coast, has noticed that an increasing number of properties are being sold with a dependence – well worth knowing about if you are looking to buy a house in France.

eco living in the Midi-Pyrénées

The Midi-Pyrénées Is Ideally Suited to Eco-living

Ten years ago, eco-friendly living would have been considered slightly unconventional. Nowadays, almost everyone is contemplating some form of environmentally friendly home improvement says Nadia Jordan, who lives in the Midi-Pyrénées and thinks it ideally suited to eco-living.

French Property South of the River Loire

This month, Alison Morton, our Property Finder for the Loire area, provides us with a guest post on French properties south of the river… Think Loire Valley, think River Loire? Not necessarily. Away from the river itself lies some of

Specialities from Dordogne

Local fruit and vegetables vary according to season, but confit de canard and foie gras are in constant supply. Obvious accompaniments are truffles and walnuts – both readily available here. The Bergerac wine region ensures there is something good to drink as well.

windmill as a source of renewable energy

Renewable Energy Suppliers in France

If you would like to choose an alternative or greener supplier of electricity in France, there are providers who can supply energy produced only from renewable sources such as hydropower, wind power and biomass…

Stonor family together in their home in France

Hydro Power in France

Real Life: When Giles and Fi bought an old mill back in 1999, they never envisioned quite what life off the electricity grid would be like. In 2002 they decided to install a water turbine to generate their own electricity and now run a B&B…

Advice for those taking the plunge…

Get married in France? Isn’t that difficult, people will ask, mindful of French bureaucracy? Well, I got married myself here eight years ago, I have just organised my stepdaughter’s – much bigger – wedding and I have helped various friends with the paperwork in the intervening years. So here’s how to do it! I am writing this from the point of view of British nationals, though I believe it will equally apply to other nationalities…

Normandy stud season well underway

Normandy is renowned for being the equestrian capital of France – no doubt then, that there is plenty of choice for the potential horse or pony breeder, and some excellent quality available.

Renewable Energy in France – the Options

With the cost of energy rising, it’s more important than ever to find the most effecting ways of heating and providing energy for your house. In the second of two articles Marc Asker of EcoPower looks at the options for renewable energy in your French home

Burgundy Property Styles & Where to Buy!

“A Burgundy barn”Think of Burgundy and you imediately conjure up images of rolling green hills, rivers, lakes and obviously vineyards. With such varied landscapes, Burgundy offers an incredible wealth of housing styles and possibilities.

The story of Burgundy wines

Did you know that wine cultivation was brought to Burgundy by the Romans? And that if you enjoy a good glass of Chablis, it’s thanks to the Benedictine monks who would drink a mixture of soil and water to work out which grapes would grow best on which soils.

Segala & Levezou Lakes Property Guide

Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, Sauveterre de Rouergue was once the capital of Ségala and is nowadays one of the most intact of the fortified towns of the south-west.

The Upper Tarn Valley Property Guide

This area follows the river Tarn. Coming from the west on the A68 it includes many towns such as Lisle sur Tarn, Rabastens, Albi and Gaillac. If you follow the river east after Albi,If you follow the river east after Albi you can find Saint-Juery, Ambialet and Trebas where the fantastic Gorges du Tarn can be explored.

Mazamet – Montagne Noire – Thore Valley Property Guide

Mazamet is on the lower slopes of the Montagne Noire, yet just 45 minutes from Carcassonne and just over an hour from Toulouse. Mazamet, and its surrounding area could prove to be an excellent place to buy property, as the prices are reasonable and there are a good variety of desirable properties around.

Segala – Viaur Property Guide

This is also called the land of the 100 valleys. This is a rural area with spectacular, unspoilt countryside dotted with thick stone-walled 17th- to 19th century cottages, barns and farms which have been fully or partially restored or are still waiting to be converted.

Albi Property

Albi Property Guide

With more than 50,000 inhabitants, Albi is a lively city with something for everyone whatever their taste. Its old quarters are charming, having been constructed with a distinctive red brick. Art and history stand side by side along the alleyways packed with crooked timber-framed houses and beautifully restored renaissance mansions.

Veau de l’Aveyron

The Aveyron is the No.1 producer of meat in the south of France and is particularly renowned for the quality of it’s meat, the Label Rouge guarantees the superior quality. In the Aveyron, and especially in Segala, the veal farmers adhere to this label and look after their calves as well as on any other animal farm.

A Year in Normandy

Find out how one couple who had no intentions of buying a property abroad fell in love with a picture of a Norman-stlye cottage in an Estate Agent’s window… and ended up buying it the same day on a coup de coeur!

Gaillac Wines – Wines of The Tarn Department

Situated in the north of the Tarn departement, the Gaillac Appellation area covers 2.500 hectares spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectolitres. The vineyard of Gaillac was one of the first growing centres in Gaul. Today, the appellation gathers around one hundred independent producers and 3 co-operative cellars.

Gaillac Wines – Wines of The Tarn Department

Situated in the north of the Tarn departement, the Gaillac Appellation area covers 2.500 hectares spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectolitres. The vineyard of Gaillac was one of the first growing centres in Gaul. Today, the appellation comprises of one hundred independent producers and 3 co-operative cellars.

Provençal Cuisine

Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the world, and Provençal cooking is naturally tasty and flavorsome due to the sun-kissed produce that is readily available in this region. Vegetables, sardines, anchovies, meat casseroles, ratatouille and pesto …