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Beautiful manor house

Property Update: 6 Gorgeous French Manor Houses

Forget ‘to the manor born’ – live your best life in South West France by owning one of these wonderful manor houses! Gironde €659,600 Dating from 1884, this Manor House is situated in a peaceful environment with views of the

Mortgage Update: Look to borrow at least €100k!

It’s worth bearing in mind, as you plan your purchase, the minimum criteria for what French banks will lend if you’re looking for a mortgage. Over the last few weeks, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and the likely

Property in France with a view

6 French Properties with Incredible Views

One of the most common requirements from prospective buyers is that they want to own a property in France is, “must have nice views”. This week we have a look at some wonderful French properties for sale with views to

An ancient Benedictine Abbey of Bra

Property Update: 16 Useful Tips for Buying in France

Our experts and selected estate agency partners reveal their top French property search tips, to help you find your new home in France. Knowing where you want to buy is very important. France is a huge and varied country and

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

French Mortgages Can Help to Keep the Dream Alive

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 and a lockdown across France for several months (which is now beginning to ease as life adopts to a new normal) it has been important to remain positive, and use the time wisely to plan

hands holding a set of gold house keys

Property Update: Practical Advice for French Property Buyers

Alistair Lockhart, FrenchEntrée’s Property Director, shares some thoughts on how French Property buyers can make their lives – and their relationship with their estate agents – easier: I first got involved with French property in 2004, when my wife and

Black calculator near white paper and black pen

How has COVID-19 affected the French Mortgage market?

We continue to be contacted daily by prospective British and International French property buyers to understand what their borrowing capacity is in France. In short, the mortgage market has constricted slightly since the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, but brokers and

Green plant in clear glass cup full of euro pennies thumbnail

Are Interest-Only Mortgages Available in France?

We’ve spoken to several clients over the last few weeks who are keen to understand more about interest-only mortgages in France. In many countries, including the UK, an interest-only mortgage is a cost-effective way to borrow, and works particularly well

Graphs on stocks

Mortgage Update: Refinance to Take Advantage of Cheap Finance

With relatively stable property values in France (which have not fluctuated wildly in much of France since the 2008 credit crisis), record-low borrowing rates and long-term fixed products, we are seeing many of our enquiries relating to remortgaging or debt

Property Update: Using your lockdown time wisely

To say that 2020 has been a rollercoaster for the our marketplace would be a serious understatement. At the start of the year we witnessed the release of all that pent-up Brexit-related demand from British buyers, along with the usual

French property

A Letter from Our FrenchEntrée Property Team

Dear FrenchEntrée Clients, Members and Readers, In these unprecedented times, with Coronavirus impacting on all of our personal and professional lives, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. We also wanted to let you know

Types of Mortgages in France

As I’m sure you know, there are a fair few different types of mortgages in France. Below, we run through the most popular options to help you find out which is better suited to your project. We have a dedicated mortgage team who can help you turn your dream of buying a French property into a reality.