Not Only French Cuisine in France


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Not Only French Cuisine in France

France is famous for its delicious food and world-renowned restaurants. Having access every day to the delicacies of French gastronomy is one of the reasons why many people decide to buy a house in France. However, stupefying as it may sound, after spending some time in the Hexagon, there comes a moment when one might not want to have cheese and red wine, or even the exquisite Boeuf Bourguignon, every day. Sometimes, one just feels like eating other types of food. Luckily enough, France offers many international culinary options. No need to go through all the hassle of travelling overseas or applying for visas if you want to eat the best Canadian Poutine or enjoy a delicious, steamy bowl of Vietnamese Pho.

Our French neighbours boast one of the best cuisines in the world.  Delicious as it may be, sometimes one might feel like tasting other types of cuisine. Fortunately, most cities in France have a large offer of international restaurants, and you will be able to find your happiness. In this article, we provide you with some ideas if you want to try international food in France.

The French do like British Food

For many years, the French did not seem to appreciate British food, but something must be changing, as it is more and more common to find British culinary products, as well as retailers like Marks & Spencer or Pret A Manger are opening more and more stores in France, particularly in Paris. Also, traditional British dishes, like Fish and Chips, are becoming a trend in the country, with several restaurants offering this dish in cities like Paris or Avignon.

A bit of Canada in France

An iconic dish in Canadian cuisine, poutine consists of crispy fries, cheese curds and a delicious gravy made from beef broth. Originally a dish from Québec, in recent years, poutine has become more and more popular, with poutine restaurants opening in many cities around the world. In France, many restaurants and bars, especially in Paris, offer poutine on their menu. Whether you prefer the traditional version or you want to add your personal touch, it is hard to resist this unique and tasty combination of chips, cheese and gravy.

No need to travel to Vietnam to enjoy the finest Pho

For more than a century, Vietnam was part of the French colony Indochina. As a consequence, the Vietnamese culture and gastronomy are very present in today’s France. Whether you are craving a bo bun or a hot bowl of delicious Pho, there are more than enough Vietnamese restaurants in France to satisfy your needs.

Cambodia’s culinary heritage

As with Vietnam, France and Cambodia have a special relationship, due to their shared history. As a result of the colonial heritage, the Cambodian community in France is quite large. As a consequence, it is fairly easy to find Cambodian food and restaurants in the country. Subtle and rich in flavour, Cambodian cuisine is well-known for its simplicity, the use of fresh ingredients and delicate spices. Try the Bok trop pgnon (pounded eggplant dip), or the Kha sach ko (beef stewed in palm sugar); you will adore these dishes!

France, a melting pot of culinary experiences

As you can see, the culinary offer in France is very large, and is not only limited to Camembert, magret de canard or entrecôte. If you feel homesick, or if you are craving for more exotic dishes, there is a wide choice of international restaurants: British, Canadian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Mexican…. In a way, you will be travelling, but without leaving France.

Lead photo credit : Photo by Sharon Chen on Unsplash

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