A property in France represents much more than an investment. For a majority of buyers, it also means a change of pace, a fresh start, a new adventure, or the culmination of a lifelong dream. That’s why FrenchEntrée Property doesn’t just offer one of the most comprehensive online databases in the industry, it also offers the power of experience with a human touch. They are a dedicated team that assists buyers through every step of the search and answer any questions about buying a property in France. Listening attentively is the first step to a successful French property search.

First step, a warm welcome to FrenchEntrée and a chat with one of our Property Services Assistants! They will go through everything from where you’re looking to how you’re planning to buy. Most likely you will have enquired on a property that sparked your interest so they will arrange for more information to be sent on to you. Most importantly, we will get an idea of what you are looking for, what is important to your property search and when you are looking to buy.

This is also the stage where we will offer as much advice as possible for your search, whether it be that you’re just a little unsure of what area of France to look, or need specific assistance with currency transfers, French mortgages or tax and legal advice.

Depending on the outcome of our talk and where you’re looking, the next step is for one of our consultants, each a specialist in their own regions of France, to get in touch:



Mark specialises in northern France and down through the Loire to Poitou-Charentes and Limousin, drawing on experience from living and working in France, in addition to managing a rental property in Brittany. He liaises with our colleagues over in France on a daily basis, allowing clients to either centralise their search to one point of contact or to be put in touch with the most relevant and useful agents for their search.






Fleur has been with FrenchEntrée for seven years during which time she has assisted both sellers in marketing their homes to UK and foreign buyers and, in more recent years, working closely with clients to actualise their purchase of a holiday home or permanent home in France. As such, she is well positioned to advise on the property market and buying trends in France. With a broad knowledge of areas of France, she has worked on compiling property selections for the north of France and now specialises in property searches in the south west regions including the Dordogne/Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon as well as the Alps.



Annick has worked in France as an estate agent for 15 years assisting and accompanying an international clientele, nurturing and advising them through the whole journey and working hand in hand with clients through the final stage (and often beyond) of the acquisition of their “ Maison en France” . During these years she has acquired an in depth understanding and knowledge of the property market in France and thrives in helping people make their dreams come true. Annick handles our searches for clients looking in Paris, Provence and the Cote d’Azur as well as specialising in chateaux and vineyard searches.



FrenchEntrée works in partnership with a very large number of established and reliable local estate agents in France and therefore is able to email you properties from different agencies, centralise all your questions, and help you put together a viewing itinerary. Having one point of contact will definitely help you save time and confusion. They must be doing something right, judging by what people have to say about the team!



“Good organisation, good information, friendly and personal. It reinforces my good impression of your company – well done”

“All ready for moving to France, sign contracts and move in on the 18 November so a busy time, thank you Fleur for your help to make our dream to move to France so uncomplicated” Kay & Peter

“We are very happy with ourselves we’ve negotiated the contracts for Chateau de la Croix and paid the deposit yesterday so were all on track to finalise the sale mid September. 
Thanks so much for all your assistance and advice along the way Mark, the FrenchEntrée website has been such a great resource for us and I’m sure will continue to be as we prepare for many holidays in our beautiful new French home.” Kate & Warren

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you Fleur for your excellent help & advice and it has been a real pleasure dealing with such a charming & efficient young lady.” Tony

“Mark, thank you for all your help we were singing your praises saying how very helpful you were going beyond the call of duty. The house we picked is in Gouarec, I remember you saying what a nice place it was and you were right. I think you handled us really well and we were quite difficult as it was not a straight forward case as you say India, Burnley to France if you can handle us any other client should be as easy as a walk in the park. Take care and it will always be a pleasure to hear from you.” Debbie and Paul

“Thank you so much Fleur you have been amazing arranging all of this for us, we will not let you down and will be there for each of your agents.” Leigh

“We moved in our fantastic new house in the Var, Provence, two weeks ago. This after only a few months since we contacted FrenchEntrée! As we already knew which area we wanted to move to, we chose a selection of houses from the FrenchEntrée site and submitted the extensive list. We planned our trip, and visits were organised over three days. Most of the 18 houses we viewed met our requirements. Well done FrenchEntrée! But only one ticked virtually all the boxes, “un coup de coeur” as they say here in France. A few hurdles were “jumped” over, and we are now settling in our dream house.  We shall wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who wishes to buy a house in France!” Mr and Mrs C

“Hi Fleur, Thank you for organising these appointments. You have been exceptional in your help and assistance with these arrangements. Looking forward to our visit to Brittany!” Jan

“One thing I don’t want to do in our search is to complicate things by introducing too many properties into the equation. We want to have time to evaluate from a short list, those that most closely match our criteria and you have been invaluable Fleur in contributing to that end.” Neil and Desrie


Let us help you find your dream property in France

If you would like to contact the team for more information about the process or to get started with your property search in France call + 44 (0)1225 463 752 or email: propertysales@frenchentree.com

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