Can I travel with pets during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Can I travel with pets during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused upheaval and disruption for people all over the world, with travel bans in place for some countries. You may be asking yourself: can I travel to and from France with my pets during the coronavirus outbreak?

Travel to France

The first thing to check is whether your airline is still taking passengers into France. Some carriers have suspended flights into France for human beings, and if you can’t fly, neither can your pet. The Eurotunnel is still operational at time of writing, and some ferries may still be an option.

The advice changes daily, so keep an eye on the news and on your emails to find out whether or not your travel plans are still on the table.

Do I need extra paperwork to travel with pets during the Covid-19 pandemic?

There haven’t been any suggestions that extra measures will need to be taken to travel with pets. Check that you pet’s vaccinations and pet passport are all in order, and that you have their microchip information to hand.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring plenty of food and a travel bowl for access to water. Your vet may advise that you don’t feed your pet with 8 hours of travel, to avoid the risk of air sickness. You also need to check that your carrier/crate is compliant with the requirements of your travel company, as these may vary. You’ll also need to bring any medication your pet requires, in clearly marked bags. You may also want to swap any collar tags to make sure they have your travel information and place you’re staying on them, in case your pet goes astray. It would be wise to make sure you have a recent photo of your pet, too.

What else should I remember?

You may need to check in much earlier than usual in order to get your pet through the check-in procedures, so check this with your travel provider. You should also check you know the names and addresses of emergency vets in the area you’ll be visiting, just in case. Accidents happen! You should also consider checking out other hotels/accommodation in the area you’ll be staying in case you and your pet are quarantined or travel restrictions are tightened.

Consider travel carefully

If your trip isn’t essential it may be wise to review whether you should be travelling at all, especially if you have been identified as a more vulnerable person based on your health or age. It’s also worth noting that the latest advice indicates that Covid-19 can’t spread to pets, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful. Plus, arriving at your destination doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to return home again. Finding emergency accommodation might be trickier with a furry friend in tow, so be sensible. If you wouldn’t want to be stuck abroad indefinitely, consider rearranging your trip.


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