Can I travel with pets during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Animalcouriers are licensed animal hauliers with a UK State Veterinary Service Licence to carry animals by road throughout Europe. They also provide shipping solutions to places further afield. As members of the International Pet Animal Transport Association, they have high standards in their management of the animals they transport…

Hulotte in France Photo ©Aigledayres

Living in harmony with wildlife in France

One of the many reasons given for moving to France is the beautiful countryside and abundant wildlife. Long-term Limousin resident Kathleen shares some tips on living peacefully alongside wildlife in France.

So what do you do when you find an owl in the bathroom?……….

Book review: Summertime all the cats are bored

Summertime all the cats are bored Philippe Georget, World Noir, £10.99 This classy, sun-soaked Perpignan-based police procedural slipped somewhat under the radar this summer, but deserves a much wider audience with this English translation. The author is a former newsreader who possesses a real flair for both the

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Pet passport procedure

A pet passport means that your much-loved animal can easily travel with you to France, but getting your pet ready for travel can take weeks or months. Vet Diana James takes you through the process, step-by-step.

Pets in France

Pets in FranceHelp and guidelines for a happy life for pets (and their owners)Good to know Pet passport procedure A pet passport means that your much-loved animal can easily travel with you to France, but getting your pet ready… Latest

Gourmet hotspots in Paris

Hidden gems have their place, but the French capital boasts many well-known names it would be wrong to ignore. Here are our top gourmet hotspots, from Café de Flore to Fauchon. Paris wouldn’t be the same without them.

Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Preparing your pool for the winter is an essential task that will keep the pool and equipment in good condition ready for quickly re-opening the pool in the spring. Here is a guide to the procedure that should be followed…

Gardens of Calvados

In keeping with the changing moods and light of Normandy’s skies, the parks and gardens in Calvados offer remarkable variety: historic or modern, botanical or landscaped, bizarre or wild.

Chiens Chats du Monde – cats and dogs to adopt

In Quissac (Languedoc-Roussillon) the Chiens Chats du Monde association works to save and rehome mistreated dogs and cats. There are so many breeds to choose from, ranging from Labradors and Shih Tzus to Jack Russells and Westies – and that’s just the dogs.

Charente life – time to sniff the flowers

A guest blog from Graham Downie, our Property Finder in Cognac Some of you may know that in my former life I was lucky enough to have two jobs simultaneously. First as Group Marketing Director and secondly as the Director in Charge of Chesterton’s head

Specialities from Dordogne

Local fruit and vegetables vary according to season, but confit de canard and foie gras are in constant supply. Obvious accompaniments are truffles and walnuts – both readily available here. The Bergerac wine region ensures there is something good to drink as well.

Veggie food for dogs and cats

Many vegetarians think that vegetarian food is not produced for dogs and cats. This is not so….nutritional food for both dogs and cats, that provides all the essential ingredient they need for a healthy life, can now be bought here in France.

A man with his dog

Dog Links

A new organization has been set up working across France to help rehome dogs, many of whom have had a terrible past, some of who are no longer able to live with their current owners through no fault of their own and some who face certain death within the over stretched SPA pounds.Please take a minute to read through the information from dog links, even if you are not in a position to offer a dog a permanent home there are still many things you can do to help.

ASHA – Helping horses and donkeys

The Association Saint Hippolyte Aquitaine (ASHA for short) is a horse charity in France named after an Italian priest who since the Middle Ages has been considered a patron saint of horses. ASHA aims to eradicate psychological problems so that horses can be re-introduced to society and fulfil a useful life as a working animal.

Organic Gardening Column

July, with perfect weather, is the easiest of months for the organic gardener and a great time to enjoy the fruits of our labours. Here, Sheilah Kennedy, looks at how we can look after the organic garden in July…

Dog walking club

Dog Walking with Les Chiens De Figeac

I started volunteering at the Figeac dog refuge not long ago. I hesitated before getting in contact with them as I was worried about the old ‘tugging at the heart strings’ syndrome. With two dogs and two cats already, I know my limits but was afraid that I would end up bringing another young scamp home…

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Guide to cat vaccinations in France

Vaccination is a means of protecting your cat against some of the most serious cat diseases, by giving a primary course of 2 injections (primovaccination) then “topping up” the cover with yearly boosters (rappels).

Organic Gardening Column

If you are growing under glass, in this heat, red spider mite can become a problem. The answer is to increase humidity and ventilation. June is the month to enjoy the garden. Admire all your hard work and just watch Nature at work!

Class learning egnlish

Learning English with Les Amis des Chats

The children of Touffailles primary school have really been enjoying their english lessons lately. Over the past four weeks they have been improving their English using ‘Anglais avec les chats’, a unique education programme initiated by the cat charity Les Amis Des Chats…

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Guide to dog vaccinations in France

A vaccine is designed to stimulate your pet’s immune system so they have a ‘memory’ of a certain disease. This means they will have a faster and stronger immune system reaction to battle against the disease. Here is our guide of important dog vaccinations in France and their French names.

Tick Fever in dogs

The purpose of this article is to outline how this disease carried by ticks can affect dogs and what we can do to reduce the possibility of infection. The main tick borne disease of south west France is known by several names – Babesiosis, Piroplasmosis, Tick Fever.

Protecting your dog from heatstroke

Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their footpads. This process is inefficient when there is only hot air to breathe. Even leaving windows down or providing bowls of water will not stop heat stroke from happening.

Horses in the Quercy

Moving house, they say, is the third most stressful thing after death and divorce, I disagree, moving one’s beloved horses to a foreign country far eclipses merely moving some sticks of furniture and a load of boxes from one house to another.
We moved from Scotland to France in October 2003, we drove out two 4×4’s pulling heavily burdened trailers…

April Tips for Your Limousin Garden

More top tips from Mark at Oak Garden Services. The clocks have gone forward and the garden is coming alive. Plenty to be done in April including lawn care and a good clean up……….

The Cocktail Drinker’s Guide to Gardening

Writer James Clay combines two delightful past-times Gardening and Cocktail Drinking. He tells us about his favourite autumn drink, ‘The Algonquin’, which he says “is very simple and really wonderful on cooler October evenings.”…

Pet pests and diseases

If you’re bringing a dog or cat to France you need to know about these portentially fatal pests and diseases that may not be found in your country of origin…

Rhone-Alpes Pets, Animals and Vets

Please select a pets, animals or vets service in Rhone-Alpes from the FrenchEntrée Rhone-Alpes business directory. We list vets and pets services to help you find all the information you need to keep your pets and animals healthy in the

How to cope with a travel sick dog

You love bringing your dog to France but as soon at he or she sees the car they start to fret and the journey becomes fraught with problems. What can you do? Vet Arielle Griffiths gives some advice…

Identichipping your pet

If you’re going to bring your pet to France from the UK it will need to be identichipped. Vet Arielle Griffiths explains what the process involves for your pet and how to get the right kind of micro-chip for travel to France

Having sheep

How much pasture do you need? How do you look after them? When will your ewes be ready for the ram? Your questions answered

French dictionary

Before or after?

One of the problems that native English native speakers in mastering the use of French adjectives is the fact that they are usually placed after the noun they modify, which …

Cat Rehoming by Chats Du Quercy

Belle, Buster, Bazil and Nounours arrived on 27th April 2006 from Lascabanes in the Lot department. The four kittens were just 1 week old and had been found in a field by a farmer who would have cut them to shreds had he not seen them…

Les Chats du Quercy – Quercy Cats

Every year sees sharp rises in cats abandoned at our gates and those cruelly dumped in rubbish bins. Statistics say that less than 5% of cats and kittens abandoned in this way are ever found….

Training your Dog to find Truffles

“truffle dog at Uzès market”This year it was my pleasure to attend my first truffle market in the Languedoc. Mingling among serious culinary connoisseurs searching for the best truffle at prices of 700 euros per kg, it was plain to see that a special breed of person is attracted to these events. Many sporting leather hats, the type worn by local horsemen, it was down to serious money making as the stalls under the mediaeval arches of Uzes town centre buzzed, customers seeking out the best deal and the best quality dealer.

Family friends: dog breeds from Brittany

The Brittany Spaniel is one of the descendents of the Chien d’Oysel, a breed trained in the Middle Ages for netting game birds. He is the product of the initially accidental nineteenth-century crossbreeding of Brittany farm dogs…

Regional Products of the Tarn et Garonne

This region has a well-deserved reputation for producing fabulous quality fruit and has a huge annual production of plums, melons, table grapes and garlic in addition to several varieties of wine …