Les Chats du Quercy – Quercy Cats

Les Chats du Quercy – Quercy Cats

Every year sees sharp rises in cats abandoned at our gates and those cruelly dumped in rubbish bins. Statistics say that less than 5% of cats and kittens abandoned in this way are ever found. Most cats thrown out like this, will either die of hunger because they are so lost, terrified, very disturbed, or they will try to find their way back to their own homes, that is to say have to cross several roads, obstacles, and if they are not run over, they are often found in such a bad state of health that they cannot be saved. Domesticated Cats cannot usually survive alone, they need to be fed and they rely on humans!

We have many gorgeous cats and kittens, abandoned in dustbins, left when their owner died, thrown out when their family moved house, whatever the reason, these cats need your help! Before being rehomed, our cats have received a weekly visit by a qualified vet and are;
• Identified by microchip
• Vaccinated
• Treated for parasites
• Placed at their new home under adoption contract

Between 4 and 6 months of age, they are usually;
• Tested negative for Feline aids (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia (FeLV)
• Neutered*

Any donation you give is eligible for a 66% deduction on your French income tax

The financial participation requested to adopt a cat represents a contribution towards the operating costs of Chats du Quercy. In no instance does this amount represent the “cost” of the adopted cat (quite the contrary). To visit the cats for adoption, please call us to arrange an appointment on 05 63 94 73 97 and check out more details on our website. www.chatsduquercy.com

The photo is of “Baboo”, a ginger kitten whose sad story is that he was dumped at a local dog refuge with his 2 brothers. All three were very sick and he, being a little stronger, was the only survivor. He has been with us now for some 6 weeks and is fighting fit, very strong and desperate to find a home where he can have a little more freedom and loads of love! He is already identified by microchip and is about 3 and a half months old.

If you are not in a situation to adopt a cat, there are many other ways you can help , why not –
Become a cat cuddler!

Rescue Centre Cat Carer

You must be able, comfortable with cats and have compassion for cats. You must complete a training session at the Rescue Centre, be happy with our policies, procedures and ensure that you have an up to date tetanus vaccine.

You will be responsible for feeding cats, cleaning enclosures, cat care – including cuddling and reporting concerns. You must be available for approximately 2 hours each week, be committed to and understand the importance of, your volunteer role.

If you can’t commit to a weekly visit, there is the possibility of being a replacement or carrying out cat cuddling duties once a month – it all helps to ensure our cats leave us having received the best care possible!

Become a Foster Family

Thanks to our foster families who care for many of Chats du Quercy cats and kittens while they wait to either enter into the Rescue Centre, or before they find the families that are right for them, we have the ability to offer a standard of care second to none, and we thank them enormously for their help and support. If this interests you, contact us for further details of what this very rewarding role involves.

Sponsor a Cat enclosure

A wonderful way of supporting Chats du Quercy cats is to sponsor one of our cat enclosures. At Chats du Quercy we provide cosy, hospitable and secure surroundings for every cat that passes through our doors. Sponsoring a cat enclosure costs just 48€ per year and the process is quick and simple. You will receive a sponsorship certificate, as well as regular pictures and updates about the current tenants of your room!

There are many other ways to make a difference to the cats and kittens in our care…………
• Adopt a cat or kitten
• Become a member
• Become a volunteer
• Leave a legacy
• Fundraise for us
• Make sure all your friends, family and neighbours know about us too!

You’ll find much more information on our website, www.chatsduquercy.com or simply call us for a chat on +33 (0) 5 63 94 73 97

Thanks in advance, from all our four paws!!

© Lynn Stone

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