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Dog Links

Facilitates Connections Between People and Dogs

A new organisation has been set up working across France to help rehome dogs, many of whom have had a terrible past, some of who are no longer able to live with their current owners through no fault of their own and some who face certain death within the over stretched SPA pounds.

Please take a minute to read through the information from dog links, even if you are not in a position to offer a dog a permanent home there are still many things you can do to help.

If you do see a dog on the dog links website but they are not in your region, please still get in touch as dog links can arrange transport from most places within France.

– is a group, based in France that facilitates connections between people and dogs. We try to make three things possible for dogs in need:
• Foster homes
• Temporary homes for dogs waiting for UK passports
• Permanent homes

Foster Homes

First and foremost, we desperately need people to foster dogs in immediate danger of being put down – in overcrowded shelters and refuges, at the dog pound, etc.
A few days or weeks in a foster home can be the difference between life and death for the dog. It gives us time to find the right home. This is such precious time for the dogs, who can spend time in a safe place rather than the stressful environment at the refuge or on the streets.

Temporary Homes for Dogs Waiting for Uk Passports

We help people who want to take their dog(s) back to the UK but cannot wait six/seven months in France to get DEFRA paperwork organised, and don’t want the expense or the stress of dealing with UK quarantine.
We arrange for the dog(s) to be loved and cared for in France, in temporary homes, while their owners move to the UK. The fee for this service is much less exorbitant than the UK quarantine fee, where the stressful kennel situation can also be detrimental to the mental and physical health of the dog(s).
We can also take care of the DEFRA administration for the owners. A happier situation all round!

Permanent Homes

Ultimately, we want to find permanent homes for dogs who need only companionship and affection, and who want the chance to love and trust humans again. We have people who can help transport the dogs to new homes all over France if need be.

Why help?

These dogs all need secure and loving homes – foster, temporary or permanent. Each has its own story, but they all find themselves alone, often very frightened, hungry, neglected and defenseless. Open your hearts and share your home, by giving one or more of these dogs your loving care and be rewarded by years of loyal companionship and affection in return. No matter what age, size or breed, they will each bring a new dimension to your life here in France.

Many of these dogs are still young and in danger of being euthanised due to overcrowding in the shelters and refuges, before their lives have even really begun. Some have been left behind when owners have returned to the UK, or a family crisis has meant they can no longer be cared for. Others are just abandoned through no fault of their own; and the saddest are often the old ones whom no one wants anymore. These animals ask for so little… but they all have lots to give in return. We know from everyone that works with us and helps us that these dogs enrich the lives of their new owners.
None of this is possible without the kind and responsible PEOPLE who help us. And this is where we make a difference, connecting the right people with each other and with the animals that need them.

Take a look at the dogs, read their stories, spread the word… and please make contact if you can help in any way at all, however small or insignificant you might think it is. All help is very welcome! AND REMEMBER If you do see a dog on the dog links website but they are not in your region, please still get in touch as dog links can arrange transport from most places within France.


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