Have we got newsletters for you?

Have we got newsletters for you?

At FrenchEntrée we produce regular, up-to-the-minute bulletins on a diverse range of subjects. And the great news is, they’re all free and no-obligation.

If you’re hoping to begin your French property search in 2011, the monthly French Property Tips is for you. Thousands of people receive it and enjoy the market round-ups, buying advice and all-round extremely handy information written by experts.

Similarly, our Tax and Law Quarterly (next one is due 24th January) will provide you with all the relevant and timely taxation and legal changes you need to be aware of, whether you are about to buy or you are looking to make the best of your tax position in France.

The monthly Bonnes Vacances newsletter brings together holiday ideas from all round France, often with a theme such as skiing, cookery courses or beach breaks. It really does reflect the diversity of France and provides some excellent French holiday ideas.

Finally, don’t miss Enjoying Life in France. It’s a bi-monthly and is packed with stories and useful advice for anyone who has made France their home. Of course, it’s also very appealing to those still in the planning stages.

By our reckoning, that’s a walloping 34 FREE newsletters during the course of 2011 that you could receive (you can add another 52 to that total if you sign up for our currency advice newsletter too!). To join, it’s easy. Simply go here!

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