How To Change Your UK/Foreign Driving Licence for a French Permis de Conduire: STEP BY STEP Part 1/3


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How To Change Your UK/Foreign Driving Licence for a French Permis de Conduire: STEP BY STEP Part 1/3

FrenchEntrée digital editor Zoë Smith takes you through the process of exchanging your UK or foreign driving licence for a French Permis de Conduire – step by step.

If you’re a non-EU citizen – which of course, since Brexit, now includes British citizens – and resident in France, at some point, you will need to exchange your foreign driving licence for a French one.

Whether or not you are eligible to swap your licence for a French one and what documents you need in order to do depends upon your nationality and the country (or US state) in which your driving licence was issued (see our article on getting a French driving licence for more on that), but for many expats, including British citizens like myself, you will need to go through the application process below.

At FrenchEntrée, we get a lot of questions, comments, and emails regarding the application process, especially from British expats who are now required to exchange their British licences (see more about the rules for Brits here). In an attempt to demystify the process, I’m going to take you through the whole application process with me in real-time.

About my situation: As a resident in France and the holder of a Withdrawal Agreement Titre de Séjour, I am required to exchange my British/EU driving licence for a French one when it expires. Applications open up to six months prior to the expiry date, and as my licence is up for renewal in January 2023, I’m keen to start the application process as soon as possible. There is a known backlog of applications at the moment, and many people are experiencing long waits for their French driving licences, so I highly recommend you all do the same and apply as soon as you can.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am taking you through the process with me in real-time! This means there is the possibility that I have made errors on my application form or may be requested to submit extra documents as I continue in the process. The idea is to give you all a real, first-hand account of the process, so I will keep you updated as I move through the different steps.

Also, remember that this application is specific to me and may not be the same for you. Depending on your age, nationality, licence type, and other factors, you may need additional documents to those that I have submitted.

Right, here goes! Here’s my step-by-step application for my French driving licence.

Step 1: Prepare your Documents

My first step was to prepare all my documents and get them saved to a folder on my computer as pdfs or jpg images. Initially, I followed the list of documents listed on the ANTS website (where you will file your application) – however, I soon found that I was missing one crucial element needed to complete the online form (namely, the passport-style photo!), so I recommend following this complete list below rather than simply relying on the official one:

Here’s what I prepared:

  • My Passport (I took a photo on my phone and saved this to my computer)
  • My carte de séjour/titre de séjour (I took a photo on my phone of both the front and back and saved this to my computer)
  • Proof of address less than six months old (for this, I logged into to my ‘espace client’ on the website of my electricity provider and downloaded a ‘justicatif de domicile’)
  • My current British driving licence (again, I took photos both front and back)
  • An ‘attestation des droits à conduire less than six months old, issued by the UK. For this, I downloaded a check code from the DVLA, which you can do here. To do this, you need your driving licence number, the postcode on your driving licence, and your National Insurance Number. The code is issued immediately, and it remains valid for up to 21 days. Make sure you click ‘print or save a driving summary’ and save the full statement as a pdf – this is what you will need to provide.
  • A passport-style photo – the easiest way to do this is to go to an official photo booth where the photo is automatically registered online. You can find your nearest photo booth in France by using the search function here, and you will be issued printed photos alongside a code that you then enter into the application form.

I recommend naming all your documents in French – e.g ‘permis de conduire’, ‘attestation des droits à conduire’, etc

Additional documents

Note that there are extra documents needed if you have a truck/heavy vehicle licence. If your licence has been lost or stolen, you will also need to present an official declaration of loss or a police report. If your married/current name is different to your birth name, you may need to present a copy of your birth certificate. Additional documents are also required if you have a different nationality to the issuing country of your driving licence.

Translating documents

It is clearly stated on the ANTS site that you may be asked for an official translation of your driving licence and the attestation des droits à conduire if they are not in French. This applies to all applicants, and there is no official word that British citizens are exempt from this step. However, I’ve heard mixed reports of British applicants being asked to translate documents – some have, some haven’t – so I am going to begin the application process without translating them and see how I get on. In the event that I am asked to provide translations, I will, of course, provide them.

Step 2: Connect or create an account on the ANTS website

To start the application process, sign into your France Connect account (or create an account if you don’t already have one) – this is the same account that you will have used for your French tax declaration and other official procedures.

Step 3: Start the application process

Once you’ve signed in, you can start the application process to exchange your licence.

Step 4: Fill in the application form

You can now fill in the application form. Remember not to just copy my own information – make sure that you select the right options depending on your own situation.

From hereon, you can click ‘enregister’ at any time to save your application and come back to it later – handy if, like me, you forgot to take your photos before starting the application process!

Step 5: Confirm your application

Be sure to verify that all information is correct at this point before continuing as the above information can’t be changed. Remember: if your permit has expired, been lost, or been stolen you must declare it at this stage. Click ‘valider’ when you are sure.

Step 6: Enter your personal information

You know what to do here!

Step 7: Confirm your address

Enter your address. You’ll also have the option at this stage to have your address automatically verified – meaning that you don’t need to provide proof of address – however, this option is only available if you hold an account with one of the listed state electricity or gas providers. My electricity provider is not on the list, so I didn’t select this option.

Step 8: Add your photo

Now you will be asked to add your photo. Simply enter the code on your photos (see the ‘prepare your documents’ section above for details on how to obtain this) – your photo will be automatically displayed along with the digital signature you entered at the time of taking the photos.

Step 9: Upload your supporting documents

Next, you will need to upload all the supporting documents. Remember that you may need to add additional documents to those that I have supplied, depending on your situation.

Click ‘joindre un fichier‘ to add a file – note that you can add more than one document up to the limit indicated on each one. However, you will need to attach one document, wait for it to upload, then attach the next one by clicking ‘joindre un fichier’ a second time.

At the bottom, there is space to add any additional documents. I chose to add two additional documents – the attestation de droits de conduire (my UK check code), which I hadn’t been asked for but it’s on the list of requirements, and also my certificate for my BE trailer licence, which again, wasn’t asked for. In my experience, it’s best to provide all documents that may potentially be needed to French officials, so I chose to include these just in case.

Step 10: Validate your application

Finally, make sure that your application is correct, and click ‘valider’ to send your application. You will then be invited to download and save a pdf copy of your ‘justicatif’ – make sure you save this!

What happens next?

Immediately after filing your application, you should receive a message by email or SMS (I received both) confirming that your application has been accepted. Shortly after, I received a second email and SMS saying that my application had been transmitted to the state – ‘demande transmise pour instruction‘. This email also invited me to download an attestation from my ANTS account permitting me to drive in the event that my licence had been lost or stolen. As this doesn’t relate to my situation, I didn’t do this, but if your current licence is expired or missing, make sure you do this – you will need to present this to the police in the event that you are pulled over and asked to present your driving licence.

What happens next? I’m expecting to be asked to send in my British licence and possibly to provide extra documents, potentially including translated copies of my driving licence and check code… but for now, I’ll just have to wait and see! Keep an eye out for the second instalment of this article, as and when I hear back from ANTS.

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FrenchEntrée's Digital Editor, Zoë is also a freelance journalist who has written for the Telegraph, HuffPost, and CNN, and a guidebook updater for the Rough Guide to France and Rough Guide to Dordogne & Lot. She lives in the French countryside just outside of Nantes.

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  • Tim Garthwaite
    2022-12-29 05:02:23
    Tim Garthwaite
    Really helpful guide. Applied 5/12/22 received new French license 29/12/22! Many thanks


    • Zoë Smith
      2023-01-03 07:52:56
      Zoë Smith
      That's great news, thanks Tim! Zoe


  •  Euro Johnnie
    2022-12-27 02:17:56
    Euro Johnnie
    Hi Zoë I've been based in Lower Normandy for ten years and have to say that your step by step informative guide to transferring to a French Permis de Conduire is absolutely the best info I have ever read regarding this often confusing problem. Following your 'steps' I applied on the 1st of December this year (2022). I was expecting probs regarding some areas with my non-UK birth certificate but all was well. I received an email just 12 days later stating my request had been accepted and another on the 19th requesting me to send in my UK licence and today (December 27th) received my Permis de Conduire - just about four weeks in total. As a web designer myself I take my hat off to you for clarity and the precise guide you have written. Brill !! Thank you. John


    • Zoë Smith
      2023-01-03 07:50:45
      Zoë Smith
      Thanks John! I'm so glad this guide has been helpful - I know firsthand what a minefield these processes can be in France, so I wanted to try and simplify it as much as possible! :) It seems that more and more people are now reporting hassle-free applications, which is great news. Zoe


  •  Leslie Rowsell
    2022-12-09 04:46:03
    Leslie Rowsell
    Dear Zoe, I am experiencing the same problem as Joyce Margie. My application has been rejected By ANTS on the grounds that my Titre De Sejour correctly states thatt I am retired: precisely “Accord De Retrait du Royaume-uni ToutesActivites Professionnelles” The reply I have received From ANTS states: Madame, Monsieur, Le , vous avez validé une démarche sur le site afin d’échanger, contre un permis de conduire français, votre permis de conduire délivré par : Les conditions de reconnaissance et d'échange des permis de conduire délivrés par les États n'appartenant ni à l'Union européenne, ni à l'Espace économique européen, sont fixées par l'article R222-3 du code de la route et l'arrêté du 12 janvier 2012 modifié, publié au Journal Officiel de la République française. Vous avez indiqué être titulaire d'un titre de séjour ou un visa long séjour valant premier titre de séjour de l'un des cas suivants : - recherche d’emploi ou création d’entreprise (article L313-8 du CESEDA) - jeune au pair (article L313-9 du CESEDA) - visa vacances-travail (article R311-3 3° bis du CESEDA) - retraité (article L317-1 du CESEDA) - stagiaire (article L313-7-1 à L 313-7-2 du CESEDA) - travailleur saisonnier (article L313-23 du CESEDA) - travailleur temporaire avec un titre de séjour délivré pour moins de 185 jours (article L313-10 2° du CESEDA) L'article 5-II-A de cet arrêté dispose que les titulaires de carte de séjour et visas de la liste ci-dessus sont réputés ne pas avoir acquis leur résidence normale en France et peuvent conduire en France avec leur permis de conduire étranger valide, pendant la durée de leur séjour en France, en veillant à l'accompagner d'une traduction par un traducteur assermenté près d'une Cour d'Appel en France ou d'un permis de conduire international. Dans le cas où la validité de votre titre de conduite expirerait, vous n'êtes plus autorisé à conduire en France et il vous appartient d'en demander le renouvellement auprès des autorités qui vous l'ont délivré. Vous avez affirmé détenir un tel titre de séjour ou visa. Je vous informe que toute fausse déclaration vous expose aux peines prévues à l'article 441-6 du code pénal. Il vous appartiendra, si vous restez en France et que votre statut change au regard du séjour, de solliciter l'échange de votre titre de conduite étranger en vous rendant sur le site 08/12/2022 M. LESLIE Chantal CHAMPIGNY 22/02/1947 Le PREFET Pour le préfet et par délégation I, and perhaps other pensioners, would appreciate your opinion on this matter. Many thanks Leslie


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-12-13 16:09:02
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Lesley, I believe you have a Withdrawal Agreement Titre de séjour (if you look at the front it should say « article 50 » in which case you should be eligible to change your licence. Make sure you refer to the text on the front of your Titre de Séjour, not the back! I suggest resubmitting your application selecting this option - hopefully you won’t run into any further issues. Do let us know how you get on and best of luck! Zoë


  • joyce markie
    2022-12-05 09:39:50
    joyce markie
    HI Help please I am trying to exchange my uk driving lic for french but has been rejected because I have a carte de sejour with retrait listed on it. what can I do.


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-12-13 04:10:25
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Joyce, I believe you have a Withdrawal Agreement Titre de séjour (if you look at the front it should say « article 50 » in which case you should be eligible to change your licence. Make sure you refer to the text on the front of your Titre de Séjour, not the back! I suggest resubmitting your application selecting this option - hopefully you won’t run into any further issues. Do let us know how you get on and best of luck! Zoë


  •  Brian Elliott
    2022-10-27 02:57:39
    Brian Elliott
    I have applied with all the documents and got a rejection pdf which can’t be opened


    • Leslie Rowsell
      2022-12-09 03:46:12
      Leslie Rowsell
      I had the same problem using an iPad. I could open ok on my windows laptop. Might be worth trying another device


  • William Downey
    2022-08-25 11:20:44
    William Downey
    Hello Zoe, Many thanks for this information. There seems to be conflicting advice (not from you!) re the "issue" or "start" date of the UK Driving license,. This is important in terms of whether (and when) you are obliged to exchange your license . On the front of the license is stated the Issue date, whilst on the reverse, in Column 10, it states the "start" date when it was first issued. In terms of having to exchange your UK license for a French one,, which is the relevant date? Many thanks William


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-08-30 15:15:33
      Zoë Smith
      Good question William! The 'issue date' of your actual licence (i.e. the date/year when you passed your test) is the important one when it comes to whether or not you need to change a UK licence. So, if you passed your test prior to 2021, you will not need to change your licence until it runs out, regardless of the issue date of the photocard itself. For those who passed their test after 2021 (and therefore never held an EU licence), you must exchange your licence within 1 year of becoming resident in France. Hope that clears it up! Zoe


      •  William
        2022-09-16 03:40:44
        Many thanks for the clarification, Zoe. William


  •  Dave Oliver
    2022-08-23 08:31:29
    Dave Oliver
    I applied in early July 22, before I read your article, but I never heard of the need for an 'attestation des droits à conduire'. I have followed your instructions and have now downloaded my licence summary from the DVLA and renamed it as you suggest. Reviewing my application on ANTS which is still ongoing (en cours d'analyse par le service instructeur) I can't see any way to add another pièces justificatives. Will I have to wait for my application to get bounced and redo it, or should I start another? My old UK licence expires shortly.


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-08-23 15:58:57
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Dave, Have you received confirmation that your application is being processed? If so, I would wait for them to contact you - if they need further documents, they should let you know. The ‘attestation des droits à conduire’ wasn't asked for at the application process so you didn't do anything wrong - I was simply pre-empting them asking me for it by including it! If your UK licence is due to expire, be sure to download the attestation from the site to ensure you can keep driving. I have heard that lots of applications are taking a long time to process so try and be patient - if it is in the system, it will be processed eventually and they will let you know if they need anything else. Fingers crossed that we both hear back soon! Zoe