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Healthcare in France


Private Health Insurance in France

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One of France's greatest assets is its state health system. Read on to discover how it works and what you need to do to obtain the right level of care and insurance. Plus, keep updated with the latest health stories as well as first-hand accounts of people who have used the system plus information if you will need to take out private health insurance to cover any medical costs....

*Private health insurance explained

* How to choose private health insurance

* Private health insurance companies

How to appeal - and complain - to CPAM

If you have a complaint or are unhappy with the decision taken by CPAM, you can appeal... more...

French medical terminology

French health terminology
An A-Z from English to French covering Parts of the body, General problems, Signs and symptoms more...

Emergency Numbers


Here's who you need to call in an emergency more...

Editor's pick

The French healthcare service is one of the best in the world, offering a wide choice of general practitioners and healthcare specialists. more...

French healthcare - are you covered?

Healthcare advice When it comes to healthcare in France, ‘Be Prepared’ is the motto. Johanna Matthews explains why keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best is asking for trouble. more...

Moving to France – five cultural differences that will shock you

©iculig - fotoliaFor some, making the move to France can be a move towards living the dream, for others the dream is preceded by hard work getting used to cultural differences... more...

Expat Healthcare in France

CignaTo lift the lid on the complex entity that is the French healthcare system, we’ve sourced some introductory information from our friends at Cigna Global, a leading global healthcare provider. more...

UPDATE: When are you entitled to free universal healthcare CMU?

October 2013 ©ursule via fotoliaThe French authorities have confirmed the cases when free state healthcare cover CMU is granted.

Cancer Support In France

Updated April 2014 rose dust smallA short time after moving to France, Linda Shepherd discovered she had breast cancer. The following months were deeply traumatic - but today she is using her experience to help others through the association Cancer Support France

Healthcare in France - An Introduction

updated February 2013
© auremar - From reimbursements to insurance, an easy-to-understand guide to how the French healthcare system works more...

Keeping your independence in older age

Concerned about a loss of autonomy?A recent survey in France has revealed that one in three men, and nearly half of all women, face total dependency on care homes or qualified assistance in their homes. So, with more and more people living longer, how can you keep your independence? more...

Healthcare rights in France for early retirees

Updated May 2014 © auremar - Fotolia.comIf you’re lucky enough to be retiring early, and plan to settle in France, make sure you stay ahead of the rules and regulations relating to healthcare rights, in order to receive the same level of care as French nationals. more...

Visa requirement for health insurance

Do you require a visa?British citizens don’t need a visa to stay or work in France. But all EU citizens still need health insurance if they are planning to live permanently in France. For FrenchEntrée readers in the US, Australia and beyond, you require a valid health insurance certificate as a prerequisite to obtaining a visa. more...

“E” Forms and Dependent Beneficiary Status Explained

Health Insurance FormsOver the last six months there have been some significant changes to the health insurance procedures in France. Here Larry Fulton of Exclusive Healthcare gives us an update on who qualifies for which benefits under the “E”forms, and explains how Dependent Beneficiary Status works. more...

Dealing with health costs in hard times

Life lineFive years on, the effects of the global financial crisis are still being felt by many people around the world – including those living in France. The poor £/Euro exchange rate has hit people living on fixed incomes – especially pensioners - and those relying on investment income. Here, experts from Exclusive Healthcare have put together their "survival tips" to help you through hard times. more...

Choosing Complementary Health Insurance in France

Health InsuranceThere are more than one thousand health insurance providers to choose from in France. Our Health Topic host Peter Owen shares his advice on selecting the best policy for you... more...

Changes to the French welfare system

pills needle money healthIn recent months there have been a number of significant changes to the French health system... more...

Is your family covered by your E-form in France?

couple by the sea smallChanges to the CMU have put the spotlight on one particular area of medical cover in France – what rights do members of the same family have to basic State medical cover if they live under the same roof? more...

Osteopathy gets a boost in France

hands massageOsteopathy has been a neglected part of the French health system, but all that is set to change... more...

Osteoporosis scans now covered by CPAM

osteoporosis bone smallTraditionally millions of women in France who suffer from osteoporosis have had to pay for their scan and treatment - but this has now changed. Here is what you need to know about getting two thirds of these healthcare costs reimbursed. more...

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Expat Health Insurance in France

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