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Smallholdings in France


A Smallholding in France

Smallholdings Zone
Welcome to FrenchEntrée's Smallholding Zone, here to help and inspire those of you who have moved to France and aim to raise a few animals to provide food and/or an income. We have started with advice and information on keeping the most popular animals - chickens, rabbits, sheep, pigs and cows. Advice or stories to share? Get in touch!
The FrenchEntrée Team

Handy Hints

Being self-sufficient means less waste.
bright idea light bulb

Check out our bright ideas for throwing less away - and saving cents!

Cheaper shopping in France

euro illustration
FrenchEntrée reader, Debra Rawlings, on how to be a savvy shopper and save money

Tips for downshifting in France

thought bubble illustration
Email in your canny bits of advice and help other downshifters and smallholders. Read on...

Smallholding vs Self-sufficiency

farm building franceWhat is a small-holding? And what is the difference between a small -holding and self-sufficiency? Or are they the same thing? Topic Host Steve Hanson gives his point of view more...

Buying and selling animals at market

market ducklingsA local market is one of the most common places to buy ducks, chickens and other animals for your smallholding. Topic host, Steve Hanson, who goes to market to sell his piglets, gives some advice on how to do things more...

How to choose and look after chickens

chickens2Which breeds of chickens are good for eggs, and which are good for meat? Once you've chosen your birds here's how to look after them, and keep them healthy and happy more...

Breeding chicks

chicksHow do you go about growing your stock? Here's information breeding naturally and through artificial insemination more...

Rearing rabbits

rabbitsRabbits are prolific breeders, making them a relatively simple animal to keep and breed from. Here's how to get started... more...

Having sheep

sheep picHow much pasture do you need? How do you look after them? When will your ewes be ready for the ram? Your questions answered more...

Looking after pigs

pigs outsidePigs are entertaining and incredibly efficient at tunring waste into something much more useful. But they need lots of land plus more more...

How to keep cows

cowsAdvice on choosing your breed of cow to information on how to keep them and feed them, and what makes good quality pasture more...

'We wanted to live a different kind of life'

hanson homeSteve Hanson and his wife Fiona arrived in France with the dream of having a small-holding that would make them as self-sufficient as possible while providing an income. Here's how they did it... more...

Rodent control in your French home ...not for the squeamish.

It's that time of year
mouse madnessAs it gets colder outside little critters seek comfort indoors. Do you call an expert or do you deal with it yourself?

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