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Breton Culture and Tradition in Brittany

Welcome to this brittany culture and traditions section. We have articles on the history of Brittany, Breton Language, Breton Music, Megaliths in Brittany, the Breton Flag and much more.

Brittany is also known as Llydaw, Bretagne and Breizh by its neighbours in Wales, France and by Breton speakers.

Brittany Holiday Accommodation

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Christ Church, Brittany

© Chimpinski
Christ Church is primarily there for English speakers in France but all are welcome. Congregations meet for services on a weekly basis in Ploërmel, fortnightly in Rostrenen and monthly in Huelgoat. more...

Brittany Tourist Information

Use our comprehensive list of tourist information offices in Brittany, plus links to their websites, to find the office closest to your destination.

Brittany Tourist Information

Traditional Breton Dress
Traditional Breton Dress
Breton culture and traditions including the history of Brittany, Breton flags , language , megaliths and monuments, artists , Breton music , maritime heritage and more.

The History of Brittany

How Brittany has evolved Historical province of BrittanyHuman habitation in the area now called Brittany goes back to the late Paleolithic, or Epi-Palaeolithic, period. Megaliths erected in the 5th millennium BC are the best known Neolithic remains... more...

Cairn of Barnanez could be World Heritage site.

cairn 2The candidature of Cairn de Barnenez (29)for the list of sites classified by UNESCO as "world heritage site" is being reintroduced by the mayor of Plouezoc'h, Romain Guillou. Situated on the Kernéléhén peninsula in the Finistère-Nord region... more...

Onion Johnnies

Striped shirts, berets and bicycles strung with onions
French Onions
French Onions
Onion Johnny is the nickname given to the French farmers and agricultural labourers that sell distinctive pink onions door-to-door in England, Wales and Scotland. more...

Breton Mythology and Folklore

A Korrigan is a female fairy or dwarf-like spirit
Ankou is a personification of death mainly in Breton mythology. It is said that he is the one who collects the souls of the dead and aids them on their journey to the next world, in his old rickety cart... more...

Breton Religious Heritage

Pilgrimages, pardons and saints
Breton Religious Heritage
Religious Heritage
Following the devastation of the Norman Invasion, from the ninth century onwards the religious revival in Brittany witnessed the flowering of roman Catholic abbeys and churches. From the XIIth to ... more...

The Breton Language

The oldest surviving document in Breton dates to the end of the 8th century FlagsTo any visitor the most obvious difference between Brittany and the rest of France is the Breton language. This is not always high-profile in everyday life but everywhere are examples ... more...

Bécassine & Bleuette

The dolls of “La Semaine de Suzette"
In 1905 Henri Gautier began the weekly magazine “La Semaine de Suzette”. As an historic reference, it was at the same time of the legal separation between the French ... more...

A Tale of Two Cities

There are over 100 'twinnings' of British and Breton towns and villages
Breton & British Twin Towns
Twin Towns
Town twinning was born in Europe shortly after the Second World War. Twinning provides the opportunity to find out more about the daily lives of citizens... more...

The Breton Legends

The Forest of Brocéliande and Merlin the Enchanter
Brocéliande is the mythical name for the existing Forest of Paimpont, located to the South West of Rennes. The remains of a vast forest covering the centre of the ... more...

The Brittany of Artists

How Brittany inspired painters such as Gauguin, Picasso & Monet
Paysage du Pouldu
Paysage du Pouldu
For more than 200 years, Brittany has provided great inspiration for artists ... more...

The Breton Flags

From Kroaz Du to Gwenn Ha Du ErmineThe first known flag of Brittany was the Kroaz Du (or Groaz du), the Black Cross, virtually the reverse of the old Cornish flag... more...

Boule Bretonne

Learn about this traditonal game Boule BretonneThe most ancient game of bowls in France is practised in the western part of France, especially in Brittany. The game is also called boule en bois, because the boules ... more...

Breton Music

History and traditions Breton musicThe regional music of Brittany is unique and covers all genres from Celtic style with obvious maritime influences... more...

Traditional Faience with a Modern Twist

An interview with Marjatta and Jean-Claude Taburet
"Breton Birds", Jean Claude Taburet
'Breton Birds'
Wherever clay is being made into pottery, one will find ceramicists who work on all scales, from large manufactures to small ateliers. In addition to the five manufactures currently in ... more...

Quimper Faience

The History of Faience making in Quimper Example of Quimper Faience300 years of ceramic History? I confess it would be untrue to claim such a thing. 5000 years would be more exact : in Quimper ceramic fragments have been found ... more...

The Mystery of the Megaliths

Dolmens, Tumulus, Cairns and Menhirs
Humans have occupied Armorica since the Palaeolithic era. Living originally as hunter gatherers, the population became settled in the Neolithic period (around 4500 BC), gradually mastering the techniques of raising ... more...

The Maritime Heritage

Brittany and the sea
Fishing boats
Fishing Boats
Breton fishermen, whether involved in coastal fishing, deep sea fishing, factory fishing or fishing for shellfish... more...

Family Friends

The Dogs of Brittany The Brittany Spaniel is one of the descendents of the Chien d’Oysel, a breed trained in the Middle Ages for netting game birds. He is the product of the initially accidental nineteenth-century crossbreeding of Brittany farm dogs... more...

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