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French Châteaux for sale

French Châteaux for sale

If you dream of owning a piece of French history look no further. The châteaux for sale in France are some of the finest historic buildings in Europe, often at comparatively modest prices.

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Châteaux guide

Living in a French Château is a fairytale dream for most, and the prices associated with buying such a property ensure its exclusivity. France has a significant number of Châteaux, many of which were built in the early nineteenth century when France’s dominance and wealth rose - it was a golden era, reflected in such magnificent architecture.

There are many Châteaux available on the French property market from smaller manor houses to enormous stately homes, as well as grand royal and secular palaces. Such properties can be found in all regions across France, from Poitou Charentes to the Midi-Pyrenées. Limousin offers the Château buyer some cheaper alternatives, with a number of manor houses on the market.

Whether you are choosing a Château for permanent residence or for a business opportunity, here at FrenchEntrée we have many Châteaux for sale. Châteaux make desirable, luxurious hotels which attract affluent visitors. They are also great venues for weddings and other functions, and make a spectacular setting for a restaurant.

Châteaux with adequate grounds are often sought after for sporting businesses, such as fishing and equestrian schools, hunting, walking and wildlife grounds, as well as many other outdoor activities. Sometimes a Château may come on the market with a vineyard for sale.

Sometimes a Château in need of renovation, either decoratively, structurally or both will come on the market. Although renovating a Château is not always worthwhile because in many cases it is less effort and expense to spend more in buying a good example than spend money creating one. However, if you are after a challenge and have the necessary funds, there are a number of beautiful bourgeois buildings in need of some TLC.

So if elegance, style and exquisite architecture is what you desire in your house in France, why not make a French Château your home?

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Buying a Château in France - Top Tips

Living in a French château is a fairytale dream for most as high prices ensure their exclusivity. France has a significant number of châteaux on the property market, many of which were built in the early nineteenth century. View our top tips... more...

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