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Do you have any favourite dish in France? Any gastronomic treasures that you have discovered or a fantastic restaurant to recommend? Would you like to share your foolproof recipe? Are you a food blogger? Or maybe you have some feedback on our Food and Cuisine pages?

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The Kitchen Sink...

Everyday tips, vocabulary and everything else:

Seafood Vocabulary
CrabIf you are bewildered by the range of seafood, the names, and the questions you are asked at the seafood counter, this should help!
French Meat Cuts
pigIt is not just a case of simple translation when buying meat in France, because the French cuts differ from those in the UK. Here are some explanations and vocabulary...
Mysterious Veg
chardHow to use the mysterious vegetables that you see in French markets.
Flour in France
BreadWhich flour to use for what; about the grades.
Foie Gras Explained
Spiced foie Being unused to this product in the UK, the various forms of foie gras can be confusing at first...
Market Tasters in France
tastersHow to deal with traders offering tasters at the markets of France.
Market Manners in France
market stall"How to deal with market stall pressure.
British Vs French Supermarket StocksupermarketDifferences between French and British supermarket stock; how it is treated differently, and where it comes from.
Supermarket Vs Market
vegThe differences between supermarket stock and that of the markets and individual shops. What do you get for your money?
Ordering Steak
steakHow to request the ‘doneness’ of a steak in French.
Sauce Names
waiter Ever wondered what the difference is between ‘Béarnaise’ and ‘Périgourdine’ sauces?
Herbs & Spices
©gavin bell A useful selection for everyday recipes and their translation.

Welcome to FrenchEntrée Food & Cuisine

Your best source of foodie news, recipes, provenance, shopping information and tips
France evokes images of all the wonderful food and wine and the beautiful markets bursting with lush ingredients. Discover where they come from, how to prepare them, enjoy exploring new flavours... more...

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French Flavour of the month - Lamb

For May we try two delicious lamb recipes more...

Provence: Garden of France

HOCQUEL Alain - Coll. CDT VaucluseVaucluse is known as the Garden of France, whose products can be found all over the world: Cavaillon melons, Carpentras strawberries, Monts de Venasque cherries, Piolenc garlic, Muscat grapes from Ventoux, Apt fruit confit… more...

Snuffling for Truffles

The business of growing 'des truffes'. Truffle We got up early on Sunday, to attend a local ‘randonnée de la truffe’ (truffle ramble). Each winter we become very interested in the mysterious truffle, and where it likes to grow. Desperate to find them in our garden, or spot them on walks, we thought that we might learn something from this ramble.
is truffle farming possible?...

Dream French Meal

Story of a wonderful meal among neighbours, in France Anna & SteveWe were invited to the kind of French meal you see in films. A couple from a neighbouring village asked us over... more...

A French house party with a twist

French House PartyFrench House Party's upscale "experience" residential holidays are all-inclusive. They are held at at a stylish 8-bedroom house with pool, tennis court and boules pitch 15 minutes from Carcassonne, SW France. Find out more...

French seasonal dish ...raclette

raclette cheese abstractIn our continuing series of delicious recipes using a seasonal star ingredient, for January British chef in France, Chris Lacey, rustles up a quick Menu Rapide and a slower A La Carte dish with tasty raclette cheese more...

Tarte aux Pruneaux (Prune Flan) by Chef Pierre Koffmann

©Laura Edwards via Mitchel Beasley A recipe from the book Memories of Gascony by legendary French Chef Pierre Koffman (see the reader offer within). more...

Oyster Farmers in France

Oyster farmers A look at the life of an oyster and a visit to an oyster farmer at Gujan-Mestras, on the Arcachon Basin, to find out, among other things, how the oyster parks prepared for the huge French Christmas rush... French oyster farm...

Provençal Cuisine

Help with menus Crudites Provençal cooking is naturally packed with flavour, due to the sun-kissed produce that is so abundant in this region. Vegetables, seafood, meat casseroles, ratatouille... but it's not always obvious what dishes are from their names. Here is some terminology for those most commonly found on Provençal menus.
Provençal dishes...

Olive Oil Production in Provence

A Mediterranean Staple Olive oilThere would be no Mediterranean cuisine without olive oil. It was used on the island of Crete during the time of Minos, 2500 AD and to this day olive oil is an integral part of any Mediterranean meal. Obtained from...
French olive oil...

Free Food Now!

Wild food that's available this season, in France Rosehips Find out what's free in the French countryside right now. Forage for fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, leaves, herbs, flowers and even water creatures... wild food...

Gluten-Free in France

Advice on dealing with wheat & gluten allergies. © Marek - Fotolia.comBecause wheat and gluten allergies are a medical condition, you may have a more understanding response to your allergy than veggies or vegans will get from their life-choice. However, the land of patisseries...

gluten free France...

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Foodie Holidays in France

Lobster FrenchEntrée Holidays has a section full of reviews, articles and ideas for foodie breaks in France. Wine tasting, cooking holidays, travel offers and more. See Foodie Holidays...

La Semaine

La Semaine promo grabGet your weekly Francophile fix delivered directly to your inbox with La Semaine, the best from the website, magazine, social media and our sister titles. More...

French Cookware Explained

Le Creuset More copper cookware is sold in France than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because... French cookware explained...

Wines of France

wines of FranceTo find the perfect pairing, start your wine cellar, get tips on buying and other indispensable advice see wines of France...

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Currency ExchangeWhether you need advice or an international money transfer quote, FrenchEntree's currency partner - Moneycorp - can help. Visit the France currency exchange zone.

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