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Gardening in France


Gardening in France

Elaine Jarvis
Hello and welcome to gardening in France. For many people, a French garden presents new challenges such as looking after an old orchard, or creating a garden from an agricultural field.

I am an online garden designer and created My belief is that a garden should be eco-friendly, naturally beautiful, full and lush but above all sustainable and inspired by nature. I offer design suggestions, draw borders, and suggests plants for a site as well as including tips about where to find plants and products. I have always made low maintenance green solutions which bear in mind that the garden is there to be enjoyed.

•Elaine Jarvis, Topic Host

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Gardening Glossary

(Picture 22092tc)Common gardening plants, tools and terms translated more...

Planting a Hedge

digging the garden  with spade
What to plant and when more...

Editor's picks

"The French love English roses!" says the Liddell family, who started their own flower company after moving to France more...

September Gardening

Plenty to keep you busy! (picture 8272tl)The time of year when there's still plenty of colour in the garden, yet nights are starting to draw in ... more...

Between a rock and a hard place

by James Basson ©james basson Award-winning designer James Besson shows us how a garden can thrive in an unlikely setting in the south of France. more...

At the garden centre - a glossary

Garden flowersIf you have a garden or even a window box to maintain at your home in France, you may well need to make a trip to the local garden centre from time to time. This glossary is designed to help you find your way around la jardinerie. more...

Growing herbs indoors this winter

Growing herbsAnother way to start a winter herb garden indoors is to move plants from your garden into your kitchen, says gardening topic host Elaine Jarvis. more...

Growing under polythene and glass in France

Sheilah's tunnelGardener Sheilah Kennedy provides us with her top tips for growing vegetables in a tunnel, discussing the best times of the year to plant certain seeds, including beans, brocolli, peas and spinach... more...

Need some more plants?

Instead of splashing out why not try creating your own? (picture 9312tl "Rudbeckias")One of the joys of gardening is seeing your garden grow in sheer numbers of plants that you have produced yourself. Obviously there is always the time and ... more...

Lessons from the Landscape

by James Basson © Award-winning designer James Besson takes clues from nature to perfect a man-made landscape. more...

Grow your own vegetables

Raised Kitchen Garden BedFew experiences can match the pleasure of eating your own home grown vegetables. The flavour and texture far exceed anything you can buy in a shop. Growing vegetables is also a natural incentive to spend more time outdoors.

Large gardens and old apples trees

Philippe Alès via wikimediaIn your previous home you had a garden the size of a postage stamp and here you are with a couple of acres in France. Here are a few suggestions on what to do, plus advice on cleaning up old apple trees more...

Gardening in a Mediterranean climate

© Award-winning designer James Besson shares his tips to create a garden in harmony with its surroundings. more...

Smallholdings in France

SheepTry our Smallholdings Topic! - Guidance on starting out with livestock, and other indispensible tips and advice for smallholders in France... Smallholdings in France Topic

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