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The Limousin

A brief introduction to the region and its departments
Made up of three departments, the Haute-Vienne, Creuse and the Correze and to the west of the Massif Centrale the Limousin takes its name from a Celtic tribe called the Lemovices, which occupied the area at the time of the Gauls...............more

Characteristics of Corrèze

A department full of history and charm
Aubuzine, Correze
In 1999 a department wide project was initiated. The plan was to highlight all that the Correze has to offer. Over the last few years this project has begun to bare fruit......More.

A Crash Course on Creuse

An outline of this wonderful Limousin department
Creuse Stream
A look at the Limousin department of Creuse, coming soon, the characteristics of Corrèze and highlights of Haute Vienne. The department of Creuse is situated in the center of France, within the region of Limousin.Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created.... More

Highlights of Haute Vienne

Haute Vienne has it all, nature and nightlife
Zenith Limoges
Haute Vienne derives its name from the river that runs though the department. As the river is also the main waterway through Vienne, the "Haute" was added as the department .......More.

Check out Videos of the region

Canoeing on the River Dordogne

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Strawberry Fair,
Beaulieu sur Dordogne

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Oradour sur Glane
Village of Martyrs

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Editor's picks

David M. Thomas, author and historian, highlights for us some of the gems in Limoges - capital of the Limousin region. more...

Welcome to Limousin Tourism & Leisure

A brief introduction to the region and its departments LimousinWhether you're lucky enough to live in the Limousin or are simply holidaying in the region, you'll never be short of something to do. The Haute Vienne, Creuse and Correze departments offer tourist sites to visit, walks in the countryside, drives, sport, painting and lots more. more...

Foodie Museums of France

© Regormark - Fotolia.comDiscover the country through its food. You'll find museums dedicated to all kinds of ingredients, from French bread and cheese in Alsace to snails in Champagne and fruit based liqueurs in the Limousin.

Your Passport to Creuse

Discounted rates to attractions and ideas for family days out Passport to CreuseCreuse tourism has introduced a free 'passport' offering discounted entry at many attractions in the department. Creuse is very much a family destination, so with this in mind the tourist board has produced an interactive map with lots of things to do and places to visit 'en famille'. more...

A Guide to Limousin's Museums

Discover the secrets and history of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute Vienne Limousin's MuseumsThe Limousin has a variety of museums accredited with the title Musées de France across its three departments of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute Vienne. Here we have a look at what they have to offer. more...

Discovering the Heritage of SW Haute Vienne

Meteorites, medieval battles, chateaux... thSouth-West of Haute-Vienne lies the area known as La Châtaigneraie Limousine (Chestnut Limousin). The name is derived from the ancestral presence of the chestnut trees. Residents of this territory have a long tradition of exploitation of the land. more...

A Day Out in Limousin

A little bit of fun and some sightseeing A day out in LimousinIt was a Thursday and we had worked on and off for a fair amount of the week, achieving a lot of home improvements and actually taught ourselves new French pointing skills. As the day was bright and cool, we decided we were in need of a break and a little bit of fun and some sightseeing. more...

La Galerie de Pompadour

Pompadour in the beautiful green Corrèze an inspiraion to many artists.. la gallerie de pompadourAndrew and I decided to move to France almost four years ago after visiting it on holiday a few times. Our first priority was a house with enough space for a studio. From what other people had told us, we thought it would be a long search. However, the very first place we saw in Pompadour had everything we needed. more...

The Dordogne Valley in Corrèze

Brive-Dordogne Valley airport will take you there! The wonders of the dordogne valley in corrèzeBrive-Dordogne Valley airport has made access to the area from the UK easier than ever before. Here we take a look at some of the delights of the area in the vicinity of Brive-Dordogne Valley airport. more...

An Introduction To Correze and The Limousin

Geography, history, culture, flora, fauna, architecture and more... BriveLong time Limousin resident Kathleen Fourches and her French husband Maurice provide us with a very informative article introducing the Limousin with a special focus on the highlights and history of the department of Correze, an increasingly popular area of Limousin. more...

Corrèze's - Must Visit Towns and Villages

Some of the most beautiful places in Limousin are in Corrèze correzeCorrèze is home to five of the many of the officially designated most beautiful villages in France as well as a whole host of other towns and villages all with their own unique character...

Puy Batard, Creuse

Your chance to improve lives and learn French Puy batardSet in the heart of the beautiful and tranquil Creuse countryside, is a little haven for physically and mentally handicapped people. Puy Batard is a very special organization who organizes holidays for mixed groups of disabled and able-bodied people.


Gateway to the south BRIVEA guide to Brive la Gaillarde from David M Thomas local author and historian.... more...


A tour of Corrèze's capital Tulle thAt a champagne dinner for journalists out in the country, I found myself taken affably enough to one side by the editors of French Entrée-Limousin, who proceeded to explain that if I did not come up with an original angle on Tulle in the next 15 seconds, they would set the dogs on me. more...


The Limousin Riviera Beaulieu sur DordogneLa Riviera Limousine is an expression used when referring to this small town in the south of the Corrèze. From the mild climate to the Mediterranean accents and the palm trees, it is sometimes compared with the Côte d’Azur. more...

Argentat, Corrèze's Tourist Hotspot

A river and people……. ArgentatOne of the most popular tourist destinations in Limousin, Argentat in Corrèze has something to offer for everyone. Benefitting from a milder climate than the majority of Limousin, the emphasis is on sun and fun with a healthy helping of history.... more...

St Yrieix La Perche

A warm welcome awaits in this lively market town St Yrieix La PercheSaint Yrieix La Perche issues a warm welcome to all British citizens. Visiting the town on holiday or choosing it as your new home, the town has put in place facilities to help english speaking visitors and residents to get the most out of the area. more...


The village that has become a museum Montrol SenardMontrol-Sénard, a French village that is a testament to years gone by, is situated on the west side of the Monts de Blond. It has little known history . However, the land was definitely visited by the Romans as ‘des tuiles a rebord’, (rimmed tiles) were discovered ... more...


The Spa town of the Limousin Evaux les BainsEvaux les bains is situated just in the Creuse on the Limousin / Auvergne border in the “Pays de Combraille” an area of cattle breeders and farmers.
A very old town with more than 2000 years of history dating back to the Celts and the Romans... more...

Pays de Trois Lacs

A look at the area and the history of this fascinating area of the Limousin Lac AgeThe diversity of the Pays de Trois Lacs is surprising. It has a plenty to offer – water, culture, heritage, legend and landscapes that will leave you breathless.
Twenty-five years ago, ... more...

In The Company of Wolves

A trip to the wolf sanctuary of Gueret, Creuse Wolves at GueretWe had visitors over last week from England, so treated the week as a holiday ourselves. Well, "pourquoi pas?" as they say in France. It’s always hard to get anything done when people are staying with you, so it’s easier to go with the flow and commit to enjoying yourself. more...

Route de Pomme de Limousin

The Corrèze and its apples ApplesWhat do the Kulu Valley in India, Kent in England, Erigdir in Turkey and West Corrèze in France all have in common? It is apples, apples and more apples! The south of Limousin and in particular Corrèze, is a huge apple growing area with now more than 500 apple growers and some 4000 Ha under cultivation.

Short guide to more activities available in the Creuse

A selection taken from ‘La Creuse Le Guide’
A selection of activities taken from ‘La Creuse Le Guide’ Everything you need for a fun packed Summer.... more...

Le Manoir De Laumeuil luxury chambres d'hote with indoor and outdoor pools set in a riverside location

Creuse Tourist Board

la galerie de pompadour

terra aventura, Limousin's unique prize winning treasure hunt

Mountain Biker Creuse

correze tourist board

creuse tourist board


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