Cahors Red Wine


Cahors Wine

One of the oldest and yet least known french wines, the red wine of Cahors has a long a distinguished history. We hope you enjoy finding out more..

Red Rose of Cahors

From here you can't see Paris

by Michael S. Sanders
From here you can't see Paris
This book is written by an American author who decided he wanted to spend a year living in a French village and write about the village restaurant. A self-proclaimed francophile, Michael Sanders, truly gets immersed in village life and the result is an evocative story of Les Arques... more...

The Red Wine of Cahors

The greatest undiscovered French Wine? Welcome to our Cahors wine section where we explain some of the secrets of this most noble and ancient red wine, meet some of the producers and shed some light on this hidden gem among French wines. Older than Bordeaux and with a reputation for darkness and strength it is the only French red wine to harness the power of the Malbec grape.

Cahors Wine Country in the Lot Valley

Cahors Wine Producers

A complete listing of AOC Cahors Vignerons Listing includes the name of the Domaine or Chateau, address and contact details. The list is grouped by region and village.

Cahors Wines - with images
Cahors Wines - pdf file download (1.6MB)

Please contact us with any updates to the listing.

Holiday Gite In the Lot Valley (Sleeps 2-5)

Available for summer 2012 Le Pigeonnier, RouffiacA charming, 200 year old cottage built in the typical Quercynois style of local white stone. This delightful property is set in the heart of the picturesque hilltop hamlet of Rouffiac with its breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside.
Unexpectedly available for summer 2012

Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction 2008

World Famous Charity Wine Auction Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction 2008The charity wine auction to raise funds for Les Hospices de Beaune began in 1859 and this year marked the 148th anniversary of the event. With over two million euros worth of wine going under the hammer and supporting media interest, it makes a spectacular event. Val Taylor was fortunate enough to be invited and has sent us this report... Charity Wine Auction...

Tales From The Bicycle Gourmet

The Pope of biodynamic wine - Nicholas JOLY Bicycle Gourmet's Treasures of FranceWant to explore the "Treasures of France" from the comfort of your armchair?
Bicycle Gourmet Christopher Strong has created a collection of DVDs recording his exploration of rural France - the people, the food and the wine.
In this article he recounts his visit to the estate of Nicholas JOLY - The Pope of biodynamic wine...
Bicycle Gourmet's Treasures of France...

Albas Cahors Wine Festival 2006

Le bon air est dans les caves! Albas Cahors Wine Festival GlassWe’re all recovering from one of the most arduous fetes of the year! Albas Wine Festival is an outstanding event. Six or seven thousand people – according to the Mairie – all crammed into one tiny village clinging to the rocky hillside above the river Lot... more...

The Black Wine of Cahors

An undiscovered French red wine, revered by Popes and Princes AOC Cahors wine Why black? Principally because it is almost black, just hold a bottle up to the light and you’ll see into its deliciously inky depths. Cahors red wines are reputedly the darkest in the world; they are also some of the strongest and richest and will keep for years... more...

The French Wine Shop

An English wine connoisseur in Figeac Jolly Good French Wine in FigeacAnthony Nielson, former owner of a London advertising agency, arrived in the Lot 11 years ago. He literally fell in love with the little town of Figeac, bought and ... more...

An Introduction to French Wine

Challenges ahead for the French wine industry? France is one of the oldest wine producing regions of Europe. It also produces the most wine by value in the world (although Italy rivals it by volume and Spain has more land under cultivation for wine grapes... more...

Beer Making in the Quercy

The Merchien Brewery Starts Production Beer making in the Quercy

Not content with buying their own vineyard in the Quercy, nor with winning medals every year for their Coteaux de Quercy wine, David and Sarah Meakin have teamed up with Stuart Jones and set up their own brewery... more...

Cahors Red Wine

Powerful and elegant Photo: CDT Lot Jean MaureilleThe vineyards of Cahors have twenty centuries of history behind them: the Renaissance poet Clement Marot, Pope John XXII, Francois I and Henry IV have all been its ambassadors... more...

The Red Wines of Clos Triguedina, Cahors

Prince Probus wineWine anorak Jamie Goode pays a visit to Clos Triguedina, home of some of the oldest vines in the AOC Cahors red wine region... more...

Cahors Wine Festival - Albas 2006

An introduction to the wines This was the eleventh wine festival, held in the tiny village of Albas, once a major storage and distribution point for Cahors wines being sent down river to Bordeaux and export to the rest of the world... more...

The annual cycle of a Cahors wine vineyard

How Cahors red wine is made Adjusting the wire tensionAfter four years of research, Mike and Sue Spring made the move to France in 1994 and bought a vineyard in the Lot valley near Montcuq. Here they describe the work involved creating a Cahors red wine...

The Wines of Domaine du Garinet, Cahors

Trellised VinesJamie Goode, wine expert and self-confessed anorak pays a visit to Mike and Sue Spring at Domaine du Garinet in the AOC Cahors red wine region...

Domaine du Garinet Cahors Red Wine

French wine making in the Lot valley Removing vine clippingsMike and Sue Spring came to live in France in 1994 when they bought a small French wine producer (Domaine du Garinet) in the village of Le Boulvé of some 200 inhabitants in the département of the Lot. This is their story... more...

Winemaking in the South of France

A little Quercy vineyard Domaine du MerchienMany people would love to own a property in the beautiful South of France. Most hanker after a little stone cottage; but there are some who are satisfied with nothing less than their own vineyard ... more...

Cahors AOC Red Wine

The French Wine Shop, Red, White and Rose Wines

Lot and Quercy Life Newsletter

Cahors Wine - Domaine du Garinet

Albas Wine Festival - 2005

Cahors Red Wine

Families of the Vine

by Michael S. Sanders
Families of the Vine by Michael Sanders
The families of the book all work in southwest France growing malbec grapes, from which they have been making very good, very different wines for more than a hundred years... more...


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