Regional Guide To The Quercy


Guide to the Lot and Quercy Region in the South of France

Your introductory guide to the undiscovered Lot and Quercy region, a land of sunshine and stone and the Gateway to the South of France.

Where is the Lot and Quercy?

In the heart of sunny south west France Lot and Quercy RegionThe Lot and Quercy is the gateway to the South of France. Far enough south to be consistently hot and sunny in summer, but relatively undiscovered by tourism. Many pass through the region on their way to the Mediterranean coast or Spain, a few stay for a night to break up the journey South, fewer still stay; those that do are forever captivated by the land of sunshine and stone. The region covers three of the least populated departments in the South of France... more...

The Perigord Truffle

Black Diamonds from the South of France TrufflePérigord truffles (Tuber melanosporum), known as Black Diamonds due to their high price and rarity, are perhaps the most sought after culinary product in the world... more...

The Most Beautiful Villages in the Quercy

In search of perfection in the land of sunshine and stone
Photo: Agence Estelum
Loubressac, Lot
Throughout the Lot and Quercy region there are simply hundreds of charming stone built villages, often perching on a hilltop with magnificent views of the surrounding area. Each village has its own individual character...

Lot and Quercy Facts and Figures

One of the least populated areas in the South of France Photo: CDT Lot Jean MaureilleThe Lot and Quercy region covers three of the least populated departments in the South of France and covers the Lot, Lot et Garonne and Tarn et Garonne. Still relatively undiscovered... more...

On The Pilgrim Trail to Santiago de Compostela

History of the shrine and the pilgrimage The Shell of St. JamesThe ancient city of Cahors in the south of France lies on the famous pilgrim trail to the shrine of St. James in northwest Spain. Many people still walk the route today, wearing a scallop shell around their necks – in French a coquille St. Jacques. more...

Holiday Activities in the South of France

Detailed listing for the Lot department
Photo: CDT Lot
Canoeing on the Lot
With so many activities to choose from there's sure to be something of interest in this lovely part of the South of France ranging from walking to hang gliding. The River Lot is a great attraction for many people ... more...

Geese, Ducks and Pigeons

The food of the Quercy in the South of France Photo: CDT Lot Jean Maureille In this region of the South of France the splendid goose has been King for a thousand years. Although perennially popular, goose is expensive and revered and so generally used only for feasts and special occasions... more...

Cahors, Ancient and Beautiful Capital of the Quercy

Photo: CDT Lot Jean Maureille
Pont de Valentré
Roman bastide, medieval city of Bishops and Popes, and gateway to the glorious south, this enchanting old town captivates all who come to know her…



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