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Sarlat Property

We can help you find the right property in Sarlat and the surrounding area and arrange viewings with our Premier Partner agents who have been carefully selected for their local knowledge and their friendly, English speaking customer service.

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Here at FrenchEntrée we are only to happy to help you with your Sarlat property search.

Sarlat guide

Sarlat is the capital town of the Perigold Noir – a beautiful area of deep valleys and ancient fortresses, in the South East of the Dordogne. The town is a great example of 14th century France as many of its buildings from this era remain in tact. The nearest airport is Bergerac.

The town is very picturesque and attracts many visitors. It has many restaurants which serve local cuisine such as foie gras and duck. The Place de Liberté is the town’s medieval centre and a great location for cafes and restaurants.

In the Place de Liberté some of Sarlat’s greatest medieval buildings can be discovered, including St Bernard Towers, St Sacerdos Cathedral and Château de Castelnaud, which also has a medieval warfare museum.

A bi-weekly market sells a wide range of local produce including foie gras, pork delicacies, walnuts, black truffles and wild mushrooms. The town enjoys many markets and festivals, including “Les Marches” a festival of different types of markets which take place throughout the year.

In the nearby Vezere Valley, pre-historic caves with paintings have been found. They are now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In and around Sarlat there are many activities including horse riding, swimming, canoeing, fishing and golf. The Atlantic Coast beaches are just a short drive away.

The south of Dordogne is both a popular and desirable place to buy property. Prices once high have stabilised in recent years due to the increase in popularity of other areas in France. There are still properties requiring renovation in and around Sarlat, but they are few and far between.

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