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French vineyards for sale

France Vineyards for Sale

Welcome to FrenchEntrée's selection of vineyards for sale in France.

From smaller vineyards ideal for hobby wine producers, to substantial vineyard businesses we hope you will find your ideal opportunity here.

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We will be very happy to help you in your search for the perfect property and vineyard in France, and then guide you through the buying process.

Vineyards for sale in France

When thinking about France, many associate the country with its fantastic wine producing beautiful vineyards. A very large number of grape varieties are cultivated in France, including both internationally well-known and the more unusual. For those relocating to France and looking for a business opportunity vineyards can be a very appealing option, after all they are a wine lover’s paradise. The reality of running a vineyard is that it is both hard and rewarding work.

If searching for vineyards for sale in France, you really have two options: to either buy an existing vineyard, or to buy a property with enough hectares, in a location with the right climate to grow your own vineyard. Either way, you will have to learn how to protect the vines from the weather, insect and plant diseases, competitors, as well as abide by the local authorities; you or your employees will have to tend the vines everyday. See our article about investing in a French vineyard.

Having a vineyard can be a great attraction to visitors if you decide to run a Gite business or Bed and Breakfast from your property. If you succeed in keeping the vines healthy, you will be rewarded with your own liquid gold. Here at FrenchEntrée we have a fabulous choice of vineyards for sale in France, whether you fancy producing sparkling wine in Champagne Ardenne, rich red in Burgundy, fragrant white in Alsace, or even blushing rose in Provence be sure to come back and check out our vineyards for sale.

If you have been dreaming of living in a luxurious property, see our French Châteaux for sale, sometimes the grounds have vineyards or the potential to grow your own.

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