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Euro Dollar

Dollar / Euro Update: October 2014

The euro got off to a good start in October. For the first half of the month it moved higher against the dollar, strengthening by two and a half cents. Things did not end well for the euro though. From

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Sterling / Euro update: October 2014

The euro got off to a good start in October. It was at just about its lowest level against sterling in six years and could have gone one of two ways. If investors’ appetite for the pound had been great

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Top tips for buying overseas

If you’re buying property in France then you will need to make an international money transfer to move your money from the UK to France. The traditional way of doing this is with a high street bank; however you could

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Buying rural or urban, don’t forget the FX factor

Whether you’re bound for the bustling boulevards of Paris or a sleepy provincial village planning your foreign exchange requirements can make the move much easier and leave you much better off. When the British think of living in France we

Setting up a business in France

Currency implications of setting up a business in France

It’s important to find a way to fund your French dream. However, before you rush to get a job and find yourself in the same old rat race just in a different place, why not consider working for yourself and setting up a business?

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French property raises appeal for Brits

Don’t miss out. French property buyers are set to benefit after a recent government announcement reduced the qualifying ownership period to be eligible for an exemption from real estate capital gains tax.

Squeeze the most out of your sterling

Get the most out of your money transfers

Making money transfers to and from France – the cost effective way! If you need to send money to or from France, perhaps for property or maintenance costs, the timing …

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France Currency Exchange FAQs

Frequently asked questions about exchanging currency for France. Where can I buy at the best exchange rates, what will it cost, how long will it take, can I get advice, how do I pay and more…

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10 good reasons to use a currency broker

Image not found.The benefits of a lawyer are obvious. But why use a currency broker? And what difference could the exchange rate have on my property purchase? FrenchEntré puts the questions to foreign exchange specialist Moneycorp on your behalf.