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Retiring to France


Retiring to France

Retirement Zone
France is one of the most popular destinations for retirees. However, moving to a new country means taking account of certain issues - from the emotional to the more practical.

For people retiring to France one of the biggest concerns is finance; in this zone we have a number of stories on how to handle your pension, savings and investments and the impact of France's wealth tax.

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Editor's pick

Many Britons are thinking of moving to live in France when they retire. We look at the options for those resident in France and living – or intending to live - on a UK pension. more...

Paying tax when you retire to France

Courtesy of Siddalls • April 2013 © WavebreakMediaMicro - Fotolia.comRetiring to France is a dream but high taxes can make you hesitate. We look at how spending your golden years in France might actually work to your financial advantage. more...

Can’t afford to retire in the UK?

Try France! Canal du Midi developmentAround 70% of prospective overseas buyers are aged 50 or over and with 59% stating emigration for retirement as the purpose for their overseas property purchase, France remains one of the most popular destinations for those in their “third age”. more...

Retiring to France – what you need to consider

couple walking along beachSo you have moved to France, settled in nicely for your retirement, and your pension is due to commence. What are your options? more...

Tax, pensions, healthcare – what you need to know

(Picture 26020l)Fine wine, exquisite cheeses, access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world... and a totally different taxation system await you. more...

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

sunsetYou will have seen in recent months mention of QROPS and the potential attraction to non-UK residents. QROPS were introduced in April 2006 as a means to allow individuals with UK pension funds to transfer their pension funds abroad. more...

Need to make regular international pension transfers?

deckchair illustrationIf so, you may have been faced with some testing issues over the last few months... For those who have retired to France there is a necessity to make the most of their ongoing currency transactions, and maximise the potential of their UK pension. Experts from Moneycorp explain how their RPP can help.more...

Help is at hand for expat pensioners in France

euros hand largeWhen the exchange rate is adverse pensions can take a hit. You may be eligible for French government financial aid. more...

Retiring to France? Protect your wealth

Enjoying life in FranceThere is a lot of planning to do on making the move to France, part of this should be to organise your finances so that your future wealth is protected and you can truly get down to enjoying the French life, free from the worry of money problems...

Is French tax all that taxing for retirees in France?

Tax timeFrench taxes are renowned for being high, what with income tax and social charges on all forms of income, as well as an annual wealth tax. However, although the headline rates sound high (52.1%!), it is often unlikely that a retiree would have to pay such high taxes. more...

What can I do with my UK pension fund when retiring to France?

coinsIf you are approaching retirement and looking to draw an income from your UK personal pensions, there are several options. Vincent Molloy, a pensions specialist at financial experts Siddalls, takes a look – including ways to avoid being hit by currency fluctuations. more...

What happens to UK investments if you move to France?

money red ribbonMany people who move to France have investments in the UK. What are the tax implications are for such investments? more...

'Learning to live in France - and together!'

david and frances wilkinson Frances and David Wilkinson retired to France in 2006 and love their new life which is full of new things as well as more time, less stress and good friends - French and British. Read their inspiring stories... more...

Retiring to France? What you need to think about

smiling woman abstract Moving to France is a big step whatever age you are. But there are some issues that are more like to affect those retiring or planning to retire. Psychologist Elaine Douglas gives advice on what to expect and how to deal with it.

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French Taxes - Confused?

Retiring to France with SiddallsRetiring to France but unsure what to do about tax? Download the Siddalls help sheets for "your new life in France"Read more.

Retiring to France?

If you're retiring abroad to France, don't forget expat health insurance. Cigna have over 30 years experience at providing global healthcare. Find out more.

Need French healthcare?

Essential HealthcareExclusive Healthcare offer Top Up health insurance to residents and home owners in France. Private health cover is also available. Learn More

Mobile homes for sale in France from £5,995

Caravans in the Sun New sited mobile homes from £16,995 and resale sited mobile homes from £5,995. Sites open for 12 months of the year. Aquitaine, Brittany, Dordogne, Languedoc, Pas-de-Calais and the Vendee.

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