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Furnishing your French home

Furniture for France
Contemporary Oak with leather sofabed
Found your ideal home in France, arranged the purchase, and now you just need to furnish it for living. Surprisingly the third stage can often cause the most difficulty. Below Brian Muir from "Furniture for France" discusses why it can prove to be such a headache in France and suggests why help is now on hand to make it as easy as furnishing a home in the UK.

So you've got a date for completion and suddenly reality sets in as you realise you are going to have to furnish this new home if you are ever going to be able to use it. No problem you might think, we'll just pop out to our local town in France and check out the furniture shops. Easy. Wrong! Furniture stores or Mobiliers as they are called in France do not sell the style of furniture you may have come to expect on every UK high street. French furniture designs are somewhat different. Many traditional shops stock furniture that would not be out of place in the 60's – old fashioned, dated furniture that may have inspired your granny, but does nothing for living in the 21st century. Some outlets have gone to the other extreme and you really feel have tried just a little too hard to be more contemporary, a bit too "modern" with designs of sofas and furniture that are just over the top. Who really wants an orange leather sofa?

Of course there are outlets that do sell very well made, stylish furniture, but at a price that will make you wish you had taken out a larger mortgage. Fine if you plan to live there, but if it’s a holiday home or you intend to rent out for large parts of the year, do you really want to spend a fortune on furniture, probably not. At the other end of the market you will always find an IKEA store within striking distance, and if flat packed furniture is what you want, then they do it better than anyone. But I would suggest most people having found their dream home, really do not want to sit looking at wardrobe that arrived in 4 boxes and where you never did discover where those last 4 screws in the packet were supposed to have gone! And will they stand the test of time if you plan to rent out?

Furniture for France
Comfortable and Stylish Sofa
UK buyers furnishing a property in France want good value for money, well designed, attractive, and comfortable furniture. Exactly why the French furniture suppliers offer furniture so far removed from UK styles is difficult to say. One theory as too why this situation has arisen is that with such a very high proportion of the French population renting in the past, that those people placed less importance on furnishing, as you might if you were an owner occupier. If it did the job then that was just fine. Comfort and design were less important. British furniture buyers on the other hand generally want to make a statement when it comes to furnishing a home; they want to impose their own personality on a each room. Only when you own a home do you really start to give some serious thought to how you can enhance each room by choosing the right furniture.

So what do you do? All you want is stylish furniture that you can select on a room by room basis, to help you make the most of your new French home. You want to be able to order it easily without any language problems and you want it delivered at an agreed date and time to suit yourselves. Well help is at hand. Furniture for France has developed a business over the past 7 years, specifically aimed at providing a French property furnishing service to UK buyers.

Furniture for France
Traditional Table and Chairs
We have furnished properties from Normandy house boats to Villas on the Cote D’Azur and Alpine ski chalets. The furniture is all UK sourced. The designs offered, meet the essential requirements of comfort and design sturdiness in both traditional and contemporary styles. We do not supply flat packed furniture. We do give an assured delivery service; we do guarantee all our furniture is of the highest standard. Amongst our most popular items are traditional sumptuous sofas, (impossible to find at a reasonable price in France), king sized beds and large chunky country Farmhouse tables, seating up to 10. All enquiries are sent a full information pack containing details and prices on the many designs provided. We are also about to open our first showroom near Brive La Galliard (19) to allow potential customers from the Dordogne, Lot and Limousin areas of SW France to view furniture samples first hand. This will also allow those clients travelling to Southwest France on the A20, Paris-Toulouse, to stop off to view furniture en-route. We are also developing connections in the Swiss Alps to offer our service in this area.

So don't despair when it comes to furnishing your new home in France. Whether you only want to replace a worn out sofa or need to furnish from scratch a 5 bedroom property, Furniture for France is there to provide the ultimate in convenience and service.

For further details on the service Furniture for France can provide, please visit

Telephone: 05 55 22 31 46 or 06 46 49 73 45

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