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Popular baby names in France

And how have they changed over time?

2010 The year 2010 saw the girls’ name Marie fall out of the top 10 names, with Manon taking its place. The girls’ name Camille is only marginally less fashionable than it was a decade ago.

1. Emma1. Luca(s)/Luka(s)
2. Jade2. Mathis/Mathys
3. Léa3. Mathéo/Matteo
4. Chloé/Cloé4. Enzo
5. Manon5. Nathan
6. Sarah6. Noah/Noa
7. Inès/Ynès7. Raphaël/Rafaël
8. Louna/Luna8. Louis
9. Clara9. Kylian/Killian
10. Camille10. Ethan

1990 Half the girls’ names from 1990 have stood the test of time but Thomas is the only boys’ name to have survived to today’s top 10.

1. Élodie1. Kevin
2. Laura2. Thomas
3. Julie3. Julien
4. Marine4. Nicolas
5. Marie5. Alexandre
6. Marion6. Jeremy
7. Pauline7. Antony
8. Aurélie 8. Maxime
9. Camille9. Romain
10. Mélanie10. Guillaume

1960 Very few of the popular girls’ and boys’ names from this year have survived to 2006.

1. Catherine1. Philippe
2. Sylvie2. Jean
3. Marie3. Patrick
4. Christine4. Pascal
5. Brigitte5. Alain
6. Martine6. Michel
7. Patricia7. Eric
8. Françoise8. Thierry
9. Véronique9. Christian
10. Isabelle10. Didier

1900 Marie, number one at the turn of the last century was in the top 10 until 2005, only dropping out this year. None of the other girls or boys names have made it.

1. Marie1. Jean
2. Jeanne2. Louis
3. Marguerite3. Pierre
4. Germaine4. Joseph
5. Louise5. Henri
6. Yvonne6. Marcel
7. Madeleine7. Georges
8. Suzanne8. André
9. Marthe9. Paul
10. Marcelle10. René

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