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Jennie Poate originally trained as a certified financial adviser in the UK where she held various management positions with large banking institutions.

She moved to France in 2008 with her family and is now a fluent French speaker.

She has since retrained in France and has provided specialist advice to ex-pats for over 9 years. She is currently undertaking to finish her UK chartered diploma.

Living and working in France has provided her with a unique perspective to be able to advise clients on what France is really like to live in long term.

The company has seen a growing need for someone with key experience and skills to help run the company. Her areas of expertise are French/UK pensions, inheritance planning, tax and investment advice.

She is happy to answer any client queries you may have by telephone or email and her and her team would be delighted to help with seminars and talks in your area to help promote your business.

Her contact details are: or tele 0634119518 or

visit the website at where there are lots of articles and information sheets.

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