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Valued FrenchEntrée expert contributor Sally Stone is the CEO of Les Bons Voisins and has personally helped start and mentor over 50 businesses in France. In business since 2002, Les Bons Voisins is the first and most extensive network of property managers in France.

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Property in France

Holiday Lets – Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your house in order – Sally Stone runs through the common pitfalls of holiday lets and shares handy tips to maximise rental income and keep your home spotless while you’re away

Inspection visits – Property Management in France

We have been looking recently at what property management in France really is, and why absentee owners need to source reliable and trustworthy property caretakers to ensure they can truly enjoy their ownership of a property at a distance. For

Why do you need Property Management?

The numbers of foreign owned properties in France have escalated steeply since the early 2000s. In fact, the over subscription of properties available to rent in this, the most visited country in the world, is often put down to the

What is Property Management?

Property management in France is a business built because of the huge number of second homes there, whose owners are not around to deal with all the minutiae of ‘housekeeping’ in the loosest sense of that word. The first national

Property Management in France for Absentee Owners

  1 – When buying a property in France, don’t forget to budget for its ongoing maintenance, as well as its purchase price. Think ahead at that stage – a huge plot can become a costly burden rather than a

10 Top Tips For Starting a Business in France

1. Choose your location carefully. Don’t isolate yourself. If you do, it will hamper the networking which is an essential part of any new business. To have peace and quiet you don’t have to be miles away from neighbours – the

Stick man pointing to a sign that says business as usual

Business as usual! – Despite Brexit

It’s been fascinating for me to see the changes over the last fifteen years of the demographics of people wanting to relocate to France. I’ve pretty much seen it all – keeping a straight face when people explain what they

The stress of living the dream

Having lived here for three years, I’d forgotten what a shock it can be coming to live in France. But I’m witnessing at close hand a friend who has just made the move and how hard it is for them to adjust. Any suggestions how I can help?

A New Life in France ©Olivier Le Moal

Settling in France: hints and tips

When making the move to France, there is far more to consider than the practicalities. Sally Stone talks about her experience and reveals the emotional upheaval a new life in France could represent.

neutral colours in a bedroom in France

How to ensure your gîte business is profitable

Sally Stone, who runs a successful gîte and property management business, reveals how to ensure, in these changing financial times, that your gîte not only attracts holiday-makers but keeps them returning year after year…

disabled sign large

Gîtes for the Disabled

If you’re interested in adapting your gîte so it is suitable for people with disabilities, here’s some advice on what you will need to do…

A Gîte in France – from the French Perspective

Long before the British started renting out their properties there was ‘Gîte de France’, the official French body that controls and administers the gîtes in its network. FrenchEntrée spoke to one French gîte owner, who has run a gîte business for the past seven years.