It has now been almost 34 months since the UK decided to leave the EU, or 1027 days, but who’s counting?

And after the latest announcement from the EU leaders, we were left scratching our heads over what has happened in all this time and why another 6 months are needed. So, we put together a quick summary of what’s been happening.

June 2016 
The British people vote to leave the EU by a majority of over 1 million votes. The only regions who voted to remain are London, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The turnout was only 72.2%.

David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister and Theresa May picks up the mantle with the primary objective of negotiating the UK’s departure from the EU.

March 2017 
Government trigger Article 50 with Parliament’s approval. This told the EU we would be leaving the EU in two years’ time.

April 2017 
EU president Donald Tusk meets Prime Minister Theresa May in London to start of Brexit talks.

December 2017 
Donald Tusk announces “Sufficient progress” has been made on Brexit negotiations.

February 2018 
The European Commission publish the draft Withdrawal Agreement.

November 2018 
Donald Tusk announces “Decisive progress” has been made on Brexit negotiations.

20 March 2019 
Theresa May requests an extension until the 30th June 2019. This is agreed by Donald Tusk on the condition Parliament have a positive vote in favour of her withdrawal agreement. If they do not, Brexit will only be delayed until 12th April.

5th April 2019 
As parliament was not able to agree on the Withdrawal Agreement, Theresa May requested a longer extension until 30th June 2019.

10th April 2019 
EU Leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31st October. Unless the withdrawal agreement is passed by parliament, in which case the UK will leave on the first day of the month following.

11th April 2019 
Members of Parliament call for Theresa May to resign which if she did, could trigger a general election and from there perhaps another people’s vote.

Now that an extension until the 31st of October will be taking place, we will either be voting in EU elections in May or forced out on 1st of June. A lot can still happen and a lot will still happen, but a no-deal scenario is now unlikely, which should restore buyer and investor confidence.

So quite a few things have been happening, but what else could we have achieved in the same amount of time?

We could have built the Eiffel Tower!
It took two years to build, with construction beginning in 1887 and ending in 1889.

Walked two thirds of the way around the world
which took just over 4 years the first time it was accomplished.

Built the Titanic
It took 790 days to construct back between 1909 and 1912.

Travel to Mars, and back
This is estimated to take around 300 days each way, we could even have had a long holiday on the red planet in the middle.

And for those of you who watched the start to the final season on Monday, lived through the entire plot of Game of Thrones which is estimated to be around 3 years.

So maybe not the best use of time, perhaps the time we have left could be used for you to start your purchase search in France?

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