Compass Pools France was founded by Alexander Pearson (MSc) and Krystian Sordyl (MSc) who moved to France after working in the high-end swimming pool construction market in the UK. Their frustration at the throw away culture that they are witnessing in the French swimming pool market, dominated by cheap polyester pools with 10-15 year lifespans, led them to create Compass Pools France.

Mission: To source the very best value, most sustainable and longest lasting materials to create a beautiful place that can be enjoyed by families and friends for many, many years to come.

Vision: Compass Pools France aims to provide all existing & potential pool owners with access to an affordable swimming pool of the highest possible quality and longest guarantee in order to last at least a generation.

Compass Pools France is a market leading forward thinking pool company and comes with 8 unique selling points:

  • 40yr guarantee: The Compass shell is constructed using a patented system including vinylestre pool surface, gel coat, ceramic layer and carbon fibre reinforcing, they are able to offer the longest guarantee of any pool shell. These materials were developed and used by NASA.
  • 1 week installation: After just one phone call to Compass Pools France you will be able to have an estimated cost based on your personal criteria and a possible installation date for your dream pool. From the moment the hole is started to the second you take your first plunge, the process is a hassle free and quick experience. Weather and multiple contractors often cause unwanted delays and risks, neither of which affect Compass Pools France.
  • Safety compliant: User safety is paramount to Compass Pools France. Thanks to an adaption in the shell to allow the cover to sit securely on the surface coupled with the latest automatic cover systems, the pools comply with the very stringent safety laws of the French swimming pool governing body. Compass Pools France also offer an insulated cover upgrade which comes with a 5yr guarantee.
  • Self cleaning: Thanks to the unique cleaning system which can be installed in the base of the pool, the hassle of having to manually hoover the base, or lift a pool robot and empty it are removed and reduces any maintenance costs associated with this. Another time and money saving addition!
  • Self manage: Compass Pools France like to keep things simple and hassle free. They recognise that balancing pool water chemicals can be a headache no-one wants, especially when the sun is shining! The addition of simple technology can remove any risk of this headache appearing.
  • Return on investment: A combination of state of the art insulated materials with intelligent heating and filtration allows all Compass Pools France’s customers to benefit from cost savings and returns. Quality is not jeopardised but emphasised.
  • Chemical Free: Another cause of headaches can often come from swimming in chemicals. Compass Pools France have expert experience in chemical free filtration systems.
  • Design Awarded recognised: Compass Pools France have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot and iF design awards for their pools but the beauty doesn’t just stop there. Compass Pools France recognises that the pool should fit into and adapt to its surroundings. They can recommend a number of materials which can be used for terracing finishes to tie into the existing space.


Excuse the pun, but this is a refreshing take on the somewhat stagnant French pool market and we recommend you contact Compass Pools France if you are even remotely considering swimming pool work in France.






Compass Pools France are always looking to expand their network of trusted installers and are willingly take on and train the right type of companies who are forward thinking and looking for something new to offer. Please get in touch now if you are interested.





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