Based in the UK and with clients throughout France and the UK, French Legal and Property Services act as a conduit between you and your objectives in France.

Whilst not a French qualified lawyer, Samantha van Dalen, founder, has several years conveyancing experience in France working alongside French Notaires on property acquisitions, sales and succession matters. Samantha won’t offer French legal advice and certainly won’t help in contentious matters, where you would need an Avocat, nor will she draft a French will, but she will assist in communicating with Notaires and ensure your objectives are met.

For a variety of reasons, the majority of French Notaires neither have the resources nor time to meet with and discuss buyers and sellers on how they can best represent them for property transactions or succession matters. This is where Samantha can help your situation along and offers a service that is more cost effective than employing a UK solicitor when you might not need to.

An example of the services offered:

When BUYING Property in France:

– Managing the purchase process alongside the Notaire and/or estate agent in France to deliver you the best deal.
– Explaining the terms of the ‘compromis de vente’ and the final title deed (‘acte de vente’) to ensure your best interests are protected.
– Examining mandatory diagnostic reports and making enquiries with the local authorities: groundwork which could save you a major headache and expense in the future.

When SELLING Property in France:

– Finding an estate agent and reporting back to you on their progress ensuring that they are working hard to sell your property.
– Managing the sale on your behalf as above. We will ensure that the house insurance, gas, electricity, water bills, local ‘taxe d’habitation’ and ‘taxe foncière’ are up to date. We’ll even find a gardener to cut the grass! Please note that we will not pay the utilities on your behalf but will contact the relevant companies, tax offices to obtain the outstanding amounts of house insurance, tax, water and electricity and transmit these to you.

When Structuring Property Ownership:

– Should you buy “en indivision” or “en tontine”? Do you know what these mean? Would you want your stepchildren to inherit your French property or share ownership with them?
– We can explain the pros and cons to different types of ownership in relation to your circumstances.

With Succession (Inheritance) Matters:

– Contacting your Notaire to arrange transfer of your French property to you, and your children (if applicable), in the case of inheritance from a deceased parent or spouse.
– Ensuring the Notaire will instruct the French bank(s) to close accounts of the deceased and pass funds to you.
– In all, managing the whole succession process to give you peace of mind, when it can be a very fraught and drawn out process in France.

If You Have Divorced:

– Transfer share of French property to ex-spouse.

French Legal and Property Services offer a transparent, fixed fee service which will be agreed before any work is conducted.

This starts in the form of a non-refundable minimal payment before work begins. Depending on the matter this amount will vary and will be deducted from any fixed fee agreed. Interim bills are sent midway through and then at completion.


“I strongly recommend Samantha’s legal services. She took just a few months to solve a seemingly intractable legal problem that had been dragging on in France for years. She showed great skill and determination and is well worth having on your side”.  – John Ingham, September 2019

“Samantha has been hugely helpful in resolving annoying snagging issues relating to the settlement of my late parents’ estates in France. She nullified a summons from a bank and then liaised with insurance and utility providers on my behalf to tidy up frustrating loose ends. I’ve valued not just her language skills but also her ability to cut through French bureaucracy and solve real problems very quickly.” – Ben Emm, October 2019

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