EBICA At EBICA each learner is provided with a positive bilingual environment conducive to success and happiness as part of our pursuit of the highest standards. This means that all our learners, from diverse cultural backgrounds, have access to the very best opportunities and are considered to be unique.

The EBICA team is committed to inspiring all students to grow both intellectually and emotionally, through a stimulating, innovative and holistic bilingual program.

We empower our learners to become confident and creative builders of their own future. EBICA specialises in a learning process that is designed for each person’s individual needs, using our signature educational know-how. This all takes place in an atmosphere of co-operation, respect for individual differences and community values.

EBICA learners are encouraged to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to solve problems.

We support and encourage them to achieve their own success and share the pleasure of being a life-long learner.

We do not know what the future will hold, as 60% of jobs today did not exist 5 years ago! Our conviction here at EBICA is that students must learn to be adaptable to a diverse and ever-changing society, in order to be fulfilled, independent, socially responsible and enlightened adults.


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