In 2015 Carl and Lindsey Hewson relocated to France and created Lion Rouge – the specialist supplier and installer of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories throughout South West France. It followed a decade of experience in the UK, the production of over 3,000 conservatory roofs and represented a comfortable and natural move for them and their family. Despite France’s progressive stance on the environment, and unlike the UK, it seemed there was and remains a much smaller domestic desire for PVCu products. Carl and Lindsey are more than happy to take their vast and well-regarded experience gained in the UK and offer it to customers looking for high-end installations in the Charentes area.

We had a handful of questions from readers that we threw at them.

Why Aren’t PVCu Windows and Doors as Common in France as in the UK?

Firstly, French upvc products are not as developed as UK products and therefore do not look as good nor do they work as well as UK upvc products. Secondly, there are restrictions in some communes as to whether or not you can have upvc windows and doors. Thirdly, some people think that traditional wooden windows are more in keeping with the old properties that are very common in France.

Are There Restrictions in Line with Planning Permission?

There can be in certain communes. Our advice would be to look around your neighbours’ houses and if there are houses with upvc windows and doors then you should be ok. However, it is always best to check with your local Mairie.

Are There Any Obvious Environmental Benefits?

Less energy is used to cool down or heat up the space. An estimated 50 percent decrease in the amount of heat that escapes a home through windows has been the determined statistic. Energy efficient windows keep warm air in and cold air out.

Double glazing also reduces condensation, which reduces mould formation which is unhealthy for the environment.

Double glazing reduces the carbon footprint of the home. When less heat is required, less fuel is burnt. It does not matter whether the heat source is an open fire, electricity, or gas. Ultimately, CO₂ is reduced which is a good thing in environmental terms. People who purchase double glazed windows are doing their part of protecting the environment. Greenhouse gases that contribute to change in the climate are reduced.

– What level of maintenance is required?

Beyond cleaning your windows and doors, there is absolutely no maintenance. Occasionally a door or a window might need adjustment but that is covered under our warranty.

– Can the high summer heat be an issue?

Yes, a little, on darker colours of plastic like the dark grey, rosewood, mahogany and black as they expand and contract more and may need to be adjusted more, which is a very straightforward process.

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