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Pierre Pech, Senior Advisor and Director of Pech Gestion Privée, is the partner of choice for international individuals.

As a former expat himself, and a seasoned professional in the field of private financial advice, Pierre understands the demands of expat clients and assists them with unparalleled care and responsiveness.


• Enjoy dedicated financial services tailored to your personal circumstances and requirements, coupled with individualised strategies such as ongoing monitoring, periodic appraisal and timely assistance. All at your own pace and in your language.

•Combine the power & stability of top-tier global banks with a client-focused care & flexibility of a privately-owned company.

•Benefit from having a bank account, International Life Insurance tax wrapper, savings schemes & portfolio management solutions to suit your needs at a transparent, privileged pricing.

•Keep your assets invested in the currency of your choice: (€) EURO, (£) GBP, (CHF) Swiss franc, ($) USD amongst others. User-friendly with a competitive currency conversion rate upon request.

•Reach privileged, immediate, free and direct access to outstanding solutions from world leaders in private banking & wealth management.

•Seize thorough assistance from long-standing business relations or choose from our carefully selected multi-jurisdictional, multi-cultural, multi-lingual law firms, notaries, accountants, solicitors & real-estate experts.


At Pech Gestion Privée we can call on world leaders in international finance. We can assure flexible, highly secure firms who provide tax-compliant, bespoke, portable solutions. This includes the support of finding you the right private bank account at a fee free cost. We promise state-of-the-art bank selection processes such as International Life Insurance tax wrapper, individualized savings schemes alongside wealth and tax planning through dedicated services from the right law firms/solicitors/notaries.

Undergo a carefully selected process, switched securities, relevant discretionary mandates and a highly tailored Investment Solution for your benefit – all with genuine performance & cost effectiveness in mind.
All client exchanges are open and without obligation, so contact us today to arrange a phone call or meeting at your convenience.


Pech Gestion Privée: Integrity, Quality, Client-Centric Service.

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