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Running a business in France or owner of a large property? Need Internet and Wi-Fi for your family, staff or clients? Don’t try to do it yourself; they deserve better.

Chateau, domaine or other large property? Thick stone walls blocking your signal?

Want Wi-Fi while you lounge around the pool or dine on your terrace? Is your Internet painfully slow?

We Brits have long been attracted to south-west France; it’s certainly a lovely place to live but the rural villages and their old stone-built houses can present many challenges, not least for Internet and Wi-Fi. Many rural towns and villages have very poor Internet, and stone walls act like a sponge to Wi-Fi.

Upon relocating to France early in 2014, it soon became apparent that too many local residents running small businesses, hotels, chambre-d’hotes and gîte complexes, were delivering poor Wi-Fi and Internet service to themselves and their clients. Cobbled solutions using multiples of cheap routers and a general misunderstanding of data networking led us to develop a highly scalable solution using business-grade equipment.

Developed continually since 2014, by Stephen Wisedale, an IT consultant with over 35 years’ experience in large-scale data network design and installation, with the aim to provide the high-quality, reliable, and high-performing Wi-Fi networks for residents in south-west France. All of our solutions are bespoke, tailored to your individual needs, and include remote support with client access to our web-based tools to manage their network. The ability to resolve problems promptly and without the need to visit your site, wherever possible, is our priority. Our motto is “keeping you connected”, we don’t just install and walk away; our aim is to be there whenever you need us.

We provide affordable, integrated business-class solutions that include scalable wireless access point deployment, outdoor WiFi for terrace and pool areas and wireless bridging for connectivity between buildings.

In addition to Wi-Fi, we can also provide high-speed Internet solutions using 4G mobile technologies in combination with high-performance antennas. Further options include resilient Internet solutions with dual broadband providers for increased performance with load-balancing and failover.

Owners of gîtes and chambre d’hôtes are increasingly finding that availability of good Wi-Fi can make or break a booking. In an increasingly connected online world, the lack of Internet access can ruin a client’s idea of a perfect holiday. Frustration with a lack of Facebook, Instagram, Internet and email access in their room, gîte or around the pool can result in poor or negative reviews.

Sounds expensive? It’s not cheap, it’s a premium product and should be viewed as an investment for your property, but you may be surprised to find it can cost less than you think; it’s certainly less expensive than negative reviews and unhappy customers.

Based in Dordogne, and covering much of south-west France, contact us to arrange a 4G survey and demonstration of our Wi-Fi equipment please email or call us.


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