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    I have a 120 dish and I can get World TV, but needing to find out how to now get broadband in a mountainous region Haut-Languedoc! It’s incredibly hard to locate the right satellite for BBC-not that I’m wanting to watch it lol

    Most people use a landline and there are a lot of issues with the lines going down-or not being maintained. Only provider that works for mobile phones here is orange. I can obviously choose any provider.

    Do any of you live in Herault 34390 and can advise please :)

    ** I will obviously report on which satellite I’m pointing at for which TV channels-soon as I can!


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    I am puzzled! You can get World Tv but you need to get broadband… I thought World TV is only available online, so you must have broadband, no? Then you move to mobiles and say Orange is the only provider that works, but you can choose any provider… Surely you will have to use Orange, no?

    Not sure what you are looking for…


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Viewing 2 posts - 331 through 332 (of 332 total)

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